Welcome back! We’re back at it (yet again…again…). We’ll have 2 episodes a month, one on each episode format (see episode 199 and 201 for information on that). This episode we’ll be talking about the future of E3, Sony, and Microsoft in gaming!

This episode is similar to what we did back in 199, so if you’re a long time fan you might notice the difference in format. We’re still moving things around, but if you do have feedback on this, please let me know!

What’s Caught Our Eye:

  • Patrick
  • Jeremy
    • Epic Game Launcher
      • Epic is proving that they can create something that stands alone and offers enough to make it worth it.
      • They give away free games every two weeks! Some great games on there, too.

Main Topic Questions – State of E3 and Next Gen

  • What do you think about the recent announcement that Sony has pulled out of E3?
    • Do you think we’re at the end of an era with E3?
  • With Sony pulling out, and Nintendo pretty much already gone, there’s been talk of Microsoft taking over the show and using it as a way to showcase their next console.
    • Are you excited for a next gen already? (XBONE/PS4 Nov. 2013)

Next Week’s Episode: A “standard” format where we talk about what’s in the news, what’s coming out, and what we’ve been playing.