KVGT Episode 203: 404 Title Not Found

Find out what’s coming out this week, what we’ve been playing, and a bit about what’s been going on in the industry lately!


KVGT Episode 202: Patent Pending What’s Caught Our Eye

Welcome back! We’re back at it (yet again…again…). We’ll have 2 episodes a month, one on each episode format (see episode 199 and 201 for information on that). This episode we’ll be talking about the future of E3, Sony, and Microsoft in gaming!


KVGT Episode 201: CHASM, Chasm…chasm…

Thanks for joining us for another episode of the podcast! Going to be trying something a bit different this episode with the show notes. Instead of typing everything out, I’m just going to copy and paste from our internal document. It still gives all the same information and honestly it has a very “show notes” feel to it.


KVGT Episode 200: So Long In The Making!

It’s here and we are so excited! Episode 200 is a special occasion and not only that, but we have a guest host, Kevin! We also have a special friend who sent in a message for our 200th episode. All this and more, so don’t miss this episode!

KVGT Episode 199: RIP Nerdgasm Network?

Well, here it is, our last show before hitting 200. Enjoy this episode and bask in all of its glory! We talked about Injustice Gods Among Us 2, Gears of War 4, and The Last of Us, but other than that it was a very light episode. No special links this week, but don't...

KVGT Episode 196: Sega Does What Nintendont!

That’s right, we went there, we went old school and borrowed a pretty popular saying during the SNES/Genesis era! And, in many ways, it was true. Sega had a better console, faster characters, in many ways more interesting games, yet….Sega didn’t have what was most important, nearly as many sales/fans as the SNES!

KVGT Episode 195: Going To Eureka’s Castle

It seems as hard as we try to stay consistent, the more off track we get!  But, with that said, let's get into this episode! This week we talked about Dark and Light, Overwatch, Path of Exile, Playerunknown's Battleground, Life is Strange, Far Cry 4, Friday the 13th,...

KVGT Episode 194: Friday Night Fun

Back to a normal episode this week! Patrick was feeling a bit out of it, and you might be able to tell towards the end, but we had a bunch of fun, so we hope you will, too!

KVGT State of the Podcast 7/7/17

This is a special episode where we talk about what’s been going on, why we missed (a few) weeks, and what’s happening in the near future with the podcast (there’s a lot going on!)

KVGT Episode 193: For Me…It Was A Tuesday

I feel like we’re definitely back in the groove of things, and that’s a great feeling. This is our 4th episode, yup count them 4, in a row that is on time! So let’s get into it, and enjoy!

KVGT Episode 192: Not Another Mario Brothers Movie!

It's official! Two episodes in a month! Granted, they weren't the same month, but still! Is it considered consistent if it's only two episodes? Hmm... This was actually one of our longer episodes as of late, and I"m not sure why. I think because both Patrick and I...