KVGT Episode 198: Is This The Start Of Something New?

There really are not any show notes needed this week, you’ll just have to listen. What? You think I should still put show notes? Fine! You’d better ready every last word.

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KVGT Episode 197: I Told You We’d Record, Ito!

This weeks episode was a lot of fun to record, now that both me and Patrick have been able to schedule it. Not going to be long winded this week in the show notes, just going to get right into it!

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KVGT Episode 196: Sega Does What Nintendont!

That’s right, we went there, we went old school and borrowed a pretty popular saying during the SNES/Genesis era! And, in many ways, it was true. Sega had a better console, faster characters, in many ways more interesting games, yet….Sega didn’t have what was most important, nearly as many sales/fans as the SNES!

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KVGT Presents: Almost Relevant Podcast Introduction Episode!

If you've been following KVGT for awhile, you know once in a while we bring you other podcasts that either me or patrick are part of in the form of KVGT Presents (By the way, if you haven't checked out It Be Like That Podcast yet, check that out!  Patrick and his...

KVGT Episode 167: I Just Felt Like Blaming Kevin

A new voice this week along side me and Patrick, a good friend of ours named Elliott!  While he is strictly a PC gamer, he did a great job and showed us what a real guest host should be!   That was a joke, Sub Knight, so stop worrying!   Kidding aside, this...

KVGT Episode 166: What The Hell Word Is That?

So happy that the website seems to still be malware free!  This has really got me thinking, however, and we've decided it's time it's time for an overhaul of the website.  It's going to take some time, which will all be done on the backend, but I'm shooting for a...

KVGT Episode 165: A Ton Of Tweets For Six Days

Well this has been an interesting few weeks at KVGT!  We recorded this episode almost two weeks ago but last weekend when we went to put it up, we realized the site was compromised!  Continue on to find out more...   Long story short, the website was overun with...

KVGT Episode 163: Halo Has A Cartoony Feel

Feels good to be doing podcasts each week again!  This week was pretty fun and was, of course, just me and Patrick.  Since our schedules have been so erratic lately, it's been hard to get guests on but that will hopefully change soon!   This week we talked about...

KVGT Episode 162: Do You Know What A Library Is?

Ah this episode was fun!  Ended up being one of those episodes that just felt natural!  Even though we only had a small handful of news stories, we talked for almost an hour!   Even our played list was really short, we only talked about Lego Batman 2, The Last of Us,...

KVGT Episode 161: Someone Loan Me 99 Cents!

This week was a fun episode!  I (Jeremy) returned after over a month away from the show and really missed it!  As always when we have some time away, this one went a bit longer than usual, but that can only be a good thing!   Even though it'd been weeks since...

KVGT Episode 160: Dummy Down Graphics

Another week of just Patrick!  The next one (coming VERY soon, you won't have to wait another month for an episode!) will have both hosts again, promise!  Anyway, this set of show notes will be a bit simple, but here ya go.   Short episode since it was just...