KVGT Episode 194: Friday Night Fun

Back to a normal episode this week! Patrick was feeling a bit out of it, and you might be able to tell towards the end, but we had a bunch of fun, so we hope you will, too!

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KVGT State of the Podcast 7/7/17

This is a special episode where we talk about what’s been going on, why we missed (a few) weeks, and what’s happening in the near future with the podcast (there’s a lot going on!)

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KVGT Episode 193: For Me…It Was A Tuesday

I feel like we’re definitely back in the groove of things, and that’s a great feeling. This is our 4th episode, yup count them 4, in a row that is on time! So let’s get into it, and enjoy!

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KVGT Episode 172: H1N1…You Mean H1Z1?

It may not have been the H1Z1 (or H1N1) viruses that hit us hard this week, but technical difficulties made this hour long podcast take 3 to record!  Still we managed to get through a fun but frustrating episode to bring to you, so enjoy! Skype was not being our...

KVGT Special: Top 10 Cult Classics

You might be wondering where me and Patrick have been, or you might not care.  Either way, I'm here to tell you that we've both been CRAZY SICK!  Well, mine was about a month ago now, but Patrick has been really sick over the past 2 weeks, so I decided I needed to do...

KVGT Episode 171: Beat It In 4 Minutes and 50 Seconds

I really like doing this podcast, have I ever told you that?  Well, I really do.  We have started thinking about more guests again, this week we are joined by Angelo (along with Elliott in the background making a few comments, if they came through on the mic).  But...

KVGT Episode 170: Amazing Good

This weeks episode felt like a long time coming, as well as a "back to the normal" for us here at KVGT.  We didn't mean to skip 3 weeks in between podcasts, but...well...it's explained once you listen. I will say here that I can't wait til I'm no longer working at...

KVGT Episode 169: Less Assassin, More Creed

Merry Christmas!  This is a long one, but it was really good!  Just me and Patrick, but we had plenty to talk about, most of which won't be included in the show notes since it was all tangents (In a good way) We talked about World of Warcraft, Middle-Earth: Shadows of...

KVGT Episode 168: You Don’t Know But You Are Going To Tell Us

We are joined by long time friend Angelo this week!  I couldn't believe he'd never been on the podcast before!  Patrick asked him to be on and it went pretty well, except for some bad connection issues he had.  But it wasn't so bad, considering he was recording on his...

KVGT Presents: Almost Relevant Podcast Introduction Episode!

If you've been following KVGT for awhile, you know once in a while we bring you other podcasts that either me or patrick are part of in the form of KVGT Presents (By the way, if you haven't checked out It Be Like That Podcast yet, check that out!  Patrick and his...

KVGT Episode 167: I Just Felt Like Blaming Kevin

A new voice this week along side me and Patrick, a good friend of ours named Elliott!  While he is strictly a PC gamer, he did a great job and showed us what a real guest host should be!   That was a joke, Sub Knight, so stop worrying!   Kidding aside, this...

KVGT Episode 166: What The Hell Word Is That?

So happy that the website seems to still be malware free!  This has really got me thinking, however, and we've decided it's time it's time for an overhaul of the website.  It's going to take some time, which will all be done on the backend, but I'm shooting for a...