KVGT Episode 198: Is This The Start Of Something New?

There really are not any show notes needed this week, you’ll just have to listen. What? You think I should still put show notes? Fine! You’d better ready every last word.

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KVGT Episode 197: I Told You We’d Record, Ito!

This weeks episode was a lot of fun to record, now that both me and Patrick have been able to schedule it. Not going to be long winded this week in the show notes, just going to get right into it!

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KVGT Episode 196: Sega Does What Nintendont!

That’s right, we went there, we went old school and borrowed a pretty popular saying during the SNES/Genesis era! And, in many ways, it was true. Sega had a better console, faster characters, in many ways more interesting games, yet….Sega didn’t have what was most important, nearly as many sales/fans as the SNES!

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KVGT Episode 185: Tetris Vs. Dr. Mario The Trilogy

Tis a great thing to be back to a normal schedule.  As we mentioned two weeks ago, and again in this episode, our podcast will be Bi-Weekly for the time being.  It may become weekly again, or we may just surprise you with an extra episode every once in a while, but...

KVGT Episode 184: Silent Hill: Max Payne

I'd like to start a bit different this week and point out how fun this podcast is and how much love I feel when I look at how many people are still downloading our old episodes, even though we've only posted 2 new episodes in the past 5 months.  This makes me want to...

KVGT Episode 183: Immersed In Other Universes

The break song says it all, Welcome Back!  This episode was originally going to be short, sweet, and to the point, but we ended up getting back into the gear of things quicker than expected and pushed out a full episode, with rants and tangents and everything! Anyway,...

KVGT Episode 182: Oregon Trail Meets The Zombie Apocalypse

"Kick, punch, it's all in the mind.  If you wanna test me, I'm sure you'll find..." oh man I love that game.  Ever since Patrick and I talked about Parappa the Rappa coming out on PS4 this week I've been wanting to play!  I still have my original copy, so maybe I'll...

KVGT Episode 181: Happy Halloween

It's Halloween!  Wait, what do you mean it's not Halloween and that Halloween was TWO WEEKS AGO?  Well, what did you expect, me to get the podcast up on time?  Hmm...   Without going into detail (because I'm sure you don't care), right after recording this...

KVGT Episode 180: Three Idiot’s On Pariscope

We're back this week with an additional host AND recording together in the same room!  Who is this mysterious additional host?  Well, you may remember him from such hits as recording in his car with bad internet, in this episode he is known as the guy who was watching...

KVGT Episode 179: Looking For Updates

This week's episode is another catch up episode, but we're almost back to normal, promise!   We talked about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, Gears of War Xbox One, Grand Theft Auto V, Mortal Kombat, and Until Dawn.     The Woody Show...

KVGT Episode 177: E3 2015

This weeks episode is all about E3 2015!  We are joined by friend of the podcast Sean, as well as newly titled Super-Fan, Ito!  We've been trying to get Ito onto the podcast for a long time, and he's finally joined us!  He was a little shy (i.e. quiet), but I'm glad...