KVGT Episode 194: Friday Night Fun

Back to a normal episode this week! Patrick was feeling a bit out of it, and you might be able to tell towards the end, but we had a bunch of fun, so we hope you will, too!

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KVGT State of the Podcast 7/7/17

This is a special episode where we talk about what’s been going on, why we missed (a few) weeks, and what’s happening in the near future with the podcast (there’s a lot going on!)

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KVGT Episode 193: For Me…It Was A Tuesday

I feel like we’re definitely back in the groove of things, and that’s a great feeling. This is our 4th episode, yup count them 4, in a row that is on time! So let’s get into it, and enjoy!

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KVGT Episode 182: Oregon Trail Meets The Zombie Apocalypse

"Kick, punch, it's all in the mind.  If you wanna test me, I'm sure you'll find..." oh man I love that game.  Ever since Patrick and I talked about Parappa the Rappa coming out on PS4 this week I've been wanting to play!  I still have my original copy, so maybe I'll...

KVGT Episode 181: Happy Halloween

It's Halloween!  Wait, what do you mean it's not Halloween and that Halloween was TWO WEEKS AGO?  Well, what did you expect, me to get the podcast up on time?  Hmm...   Without going into detail (because I'm sure you don't care), right after recording this...

KVGT Episode 180: Three Idiot’s On Pariscope

We're back this week with an additional host AND recording together in the same room!  Who is this mysterious additional host?  Well, you may remember him from such hits as recording in his car with bad internet, in this episode he is known as the guy who was watching...

KVGT Episode 179: Looking For Updates

This week's episode is another catch up episode, but we're almost back to normal, promise!   We talked about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, Gears of War Xbox One, Grand Theft Auto V, Mortal Kombat, and Until Dawn.     The Woody Show...

KVGT Episode 177: E3 2015

This weeks episode is all about E3 2015!  We are joined by friend of the podcast Sean, as well as newly titled Super-Fan, Ito!  We've been trying to get Ito onto the podcast for a long time, and he's finally joined us!  He was a little shy (i.e. quiet), but I'm glad...

KVGT Episode 176: Dummy Down Wii U

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?  So you guys must LOVE us!  But we are back and should be getting into the groove of things now that summer has hit and there is less...obligation calling from the real world.  E3 was this week and it was AMAZING!...

KVGT Episode 175: Burgertime For Mexican’s

When I realized this was episode 175, it made me realize how close we are to episode 200.  It feels like just yesterday we hit episode 50!  What a bad episode that was...oh well! Anyway, this week we are joined by Brian from It Be Like That podcast.     In...

KVGT Episode 174: Raditz Is A REAL Man

This week we have guest host Raditz from Namek!  Oh wait, I'm kidding, he's too much of a man to be on our podcast... Oh well, maybe one of these days we can have Batman back.  This week it's actually just me and Patrick, back again.   This week we talked about...

KVGT Episode 173: Give Me A Check Mark

Another episode come and gone and another one to put in the bucket!  Sorry they are coming so far and few right now, but we're going to pump it up soon!  For now, enjoy this episode!   This week we talked about H1N1 .   Our What's Caught Your Eye this week...