Our Family

While we are working on getting this page setup, please use the side bar to the right to find other podcasts and websites that are part of our family.  I have provided a basic link below to each website and a brief description.

In-House Family

  • Sages of 16-Bit – A one shot (so far) podcast featuring the Host of KVGT’s Parent Podcast Jeremy and his brother, Jason.  Future episodes are planned, but currently on hold.
  • Resonance – A music podcast hosted by Jeremy that features video game music.  So far, only 2 episodes are published and a third is in the works.  There is no set schedule on these releases as they take a lot of time to create.

Extended Family

  • Nerdgasm Network – The Nerdgasm Network is a pretty new Podcasting network created by Ryan and has already expanded to four podcasts: Video Game Podcast, Bi-Weekly Beergasm, Animu Monthly, and a Movies and TV Podcast.  Expect more information to come on each of these podcasts and the network as a whole.  We are in talks with the Nerdgasm Network to start cross-hosting and other promotional ideas.
  • ExtraPlay.info – ExtraPlay.info is ran by KVGT Friend Troy and features Reviews, Previews, and a bunch of videos, such as top ten lists and “how-to’s” on unlocking achievements.  More information to come.