Chat Room FAQ and Rules


By logging into our chat room (as a guest or with username), you promise to abide by the following rules:

  • No personal attacks!  You will be kicked immediately without warning for this.
  • Cussing is fine, but don’t over do it.
  • The same goes for arguing, keep it friendly!
  • No shortened URL links!  If you want to link something, use the full web address.
  • Do not hide behind the Guest_xxx username!  We are keeping it available for now, but may take it away!
  • Do not include the word “Host” in your username, you will be asked once to change it.  If you don’t, you will be kicked.


  • Why do you have a chatroom?
    • Our chatroom is mainly for use during our live episodes, but feel free to leave messages pretty much any time!

  • How long do messages stay in the chatroom?
    • At any given time, the newest 300 messages are kept, the rest are deleted.

  • Why is my name Guest_XXX?
    • You’re not logged in.  Log in with your desired name and it will change.  As of right now, Guests are allowed to chat, but this may change in the near future.

  • Are the hosts in the chat room?  Who should I look for to ask direct questions?
    • While I can’t guarantee we are paying attention at all times, you should be able to find at least one of the active admins: Host Jeremy, Host Patrick, Host Frank, or Host Crystal.  Feel free to ask direct questions to any of them and we’ll talk about it on the air.

  • I asked my question but you didn’t talk about it!
    • If you asked in the middle of the episode, just wait, it’ll probably get talked about.  If we missed your question, we’re sorry and feel free to email us or ask us during our next live episode!