Below, you can find a list of changes that I’ve decided to share.  Mostly, it’ll be website updates, but occasionally I may add some other stuff.  The way it works is a single update (after 2.0) will not be a single days changes but a group of changes that I’ve done over time.  Version format is V major.minor.  A new minor version will only come out after a group of minor updates while a major update will be a lot more noticeable.  The most current update is always on the top.

Website Changelog

V 3.0
  • Changed to Divi theme
  • Created Home page based on episodes
  • Unlinked old, outdated menu items
V 2.1
  • Uploaded all the videos and images from the old website.
  • Moved syndication to the top with the rest of the links
V 2.0 (10/12/11)
  • Added a quick menu system to the parent page “Community” and “About” for better navigation
  • Added a temp bio for Frank
  • Added Blog to RSS
  • One last look over all content for any corrections needed.
V 1.7 (10/11/11)
  • Changed page RSS link (the orange one at the top of the page) to correct RSS
  • Edited RSS page to add all current RSS feeds
  • Added backend support to help with multisite support
  • Imported all “video game” posts from old website
  • Added a new menu, Blog, with all the non-podcast posts.
  • Added new categories under “blog”
V 1.6 (10/10/11)
  • Added Patrick’s portion of the Meet the Hosts page
  • Added a Latest Episode Widget
  • Changed around some widgets
  • Other behind the scenes stuff
  • Complete update of About page

v 1.5 (10/8/11)

  • Created changes page, added to menu, and added previous updates.
  • Updated about page
  • Created Contact form on contact page
  • Added link to Gallery under Community
  • Renamed Extended Family to Our Family, combined in house and extended to one place
  • added a basic Our Family page
  • added admin page with login link
v 1.4 (10/7/11)
  • Added stitcher icon to syndication
  • Added jeremycollier.com, sages, and resonance as part of the family on widget
  • changed favicon to temp icon

v 1.3

  • Setup syndication, family, and tags widget
  • updated About the Hosts page with Jeremy’s about.

v. 1.2

  • Changed banner to a more perminant one
  • Added host and segment categories
  • Added About, RSS, Hosts, Contact, Community, Internal Family, Extended family pages
  • Added a menu system for Episodes, news, segments (vs., do you remember, reviews, previews), Community (internal family extended family, rss) and about (meet the hosts, contact)
  • Promptly deleted the Internal Family idea

v. 1.1