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Where KVGT Came From

The Knights of the Video Game Table Podcast (KVGT) is a video game podcast (who woulda thought, right?) that was created back in April 2009 by Host Jeremy.  It started out as “Kintashi & Magthun’s Podcast”, but soon evolved (after 1 episode) into what you see today, when we added Frank and Patrick.  The first episode was released on Friday, May 15th 2009.


While working at Electronic Arts, Jeremy discovered That Video Game Podcast (TVGP) and NerdBlurb Podcast, which would serve as his two inspirations to create a Podcast.  TVGP is hosted and created by Boston, who also does the editing and, as far as I know, all the back end work (like the websites and such).  They are a very family friendly podcast and keep the profanity and adult content to a minimum.  NerdBlurb, on the other hand, is a more general podcast and isn’t directed towards just video games.  They also talk a lot about other technologies, such as Cameras, computers, and phones.  IN terms of family friendliness, they are the opposite of TVGP and almost always get an explicit raiting.

Our Format

KVGT is somewhere in between those in terms of both content and explicitness.  We tend to keep our format to about 85-90% video games, but often talk about sports, phones, or other technology.  We also ride the line of the “explicit” tag on iTunes, but usually keep it to a minimum profanity and adult content.

The future of KVGT is an always changing thing.  We treat this podcast as a living entity that has a mind of it’s own.  As we’ve gone through two host transitions in the past year, we never know exactly who is going to be on our show.  Right now, we are also in talks with the Nerdgasm Network to have cross guest hosting and promotion.  We are also featured on ExtraPlay.info, a website ran by Troy, who is a friend of the show.

No matter what the future holds for KVGT, there are some big things in the work.

Banners, Icons, and Website

KVGT’s original Logo and Banner art (see below) was made by Cory Bass.  He is a comic book artist and a close friend of the Podcast.  The current banners and logo’s were made by Host Jeremy, with the help of Xbox Live Avatars.  He is also the webmaster for KVGT and does pretty much all the technical stuff.

Podcasting Equipment and Software

As our budget for this podcast is “as little as possible,” we use either Jeremy’s Desktop computer (a 2 year old gaming rig that’s motherboard is dying) or his new HP Laptop to record on.  The software used to record in-house is called Kristal Audio Engine and do editing on the Beta version of Audacity for Windows 7.  We have the ability to record up to 10 via Skype (but that’d be crazy!) using a simple, but very effective, Windows program called SuperTinTin.

As for the mic’s, we were using some cheap no-brand headsets, but two of them have all but stopped working.  So when we do record in-house, Frank is using a wireless headset that doesn’t agree with Windows 7, it is what that background popping noise is on our past few podcasts, while both me and Patrick are using the remaining two useful mics.  When we record via skype, Patrick uses his laptop built in mic and I use a Plantronics Gamecon headset that I picked up about two years ago.  We plan on upgrading all our headsets within the next week or two.