web_review_lge_comparetv_xboxIn the day of fast internet, powerful computers, and multi-console gaming, the Ultimate Gaming Setup can look like many different things to many different people.  For some, a Gaming Rig (PC) is enough.  The lure of exclusives is not enough for someone of the “master race” to purchase a console, most of them come to PC anyway.  For others a large screen HD TV and a comfortable couch is where it’s at, swearing by a controller in their hand.  But me?  I’m a combination of both, and any true hardcore gamer probably is, providing they have the funds to keep them going.

(If you’re not interested in my story, scroll down to the PS4 and Xbox One links below)

But over the years, as I’ve gotten older, my gaming habits, and the time it takes to play games, have changed.  I no longer have my own bedroom at my parents house where I have full access to the TV, instead I live with my wife and share it with her, who likes to relax and watch TV, not video games.  Yes, I still play, and no she doesn’t give me a hard time about it (most of the time…).  I do have other HD TV’s, but, oddly enough, I’d rather spend time with my wife than keep up in the upstairs bedroom playing video games!

That doesn’t mean I can’t play, however.  As long as we’re still in the room, we’re spending time together, right?

So this past weekend, I went on a hunt for a way to hook my Playstation 4 and Xbox One up to my PC monitor, a very nice 24 inch 1080p screen with a very comfortable chair sitting right in front of it.  I knew this would allow me to play games without tying up the TV, while still spending time with my wife.

The monitor, which I thought had HDMI input, proved harder to use than I expected.  There are converters to change HDMI to DVI, but that would actually add other complications to my particular setup (nothing I need to go into), so I looked at capture cards.  I was all set in buying the Elgato Game Capture HD60, but doing research found out it does not provide real time display on your computer, there is a lag of 3 seconds, making a game unplayable.

While looking into a solution for this, I did find the Elgato Game Capture HD60PRO, which is actually an internal card, but this meant running ANOTHER 50foot HDMI cable, and I really didn’t want to do this, plus the whole setup would cost me around $250-$275, about 100 bucks over my budget.

Then, a google search to see if there was anyway to bypass the lag on the HD60, I came across the link to a program released ONLY DAYS prior to my quest to find the answer!  It’s called Remote Play PC and allows you to use the built in Remote Play feature (currently only officially supported on some Xperia phones and the Vita) to play your PS4 on your computer!  It wasn’t the EASIEST to set up (though the next update is said to make it very easy), and over-the-internet play is currently a PAIN to get to work (same network only isn’t too hard), it still got my PS4 to display on my computer with no lag at 1080p60!  Well, okay, it displayed for a minute, then disconnected.

Reading through troubleshooting guides, I got it to be stable for a few minutes at a time, but the connection would always drop.  Thinking it might have something to do with my internet, I did tests.  Long story short (can I still say this after writing 8 paragraphs?) my routers 2.4Ghz ban is SLOW for some reason, and neither the Xbox One nor PS4 support 5Ghz.  So I ended up moving my router downstairs and plug the PS4 directly into it.  The speed shot from about 18Mb/s to around 80Mb/s!  This fixed the PS4 problem, and I’ve now successfully stayed connected for hours at a time with NO disconnect and little to no lag.  While I’m not sure the technology is ready to be used in hardcore FPS gaming where a split second means the difference between winning and losing, but it’s good enough for me.

So, now on to the How To’s.  I DID promise in the title that I’d give one on both the PS4 and Xbox One.  The Xbox One is really easy, while the PS4 currently takes a bit more work.  Click below to find your guide.

Play your PS4 on your Computer!

Play your Xbox One on your Computer!









Playstation 4 Guide (using Remote Play PC Alpha 0.106 by Twisted)

Disclaimer: This app is a third party app and is not supported by Sony.  While I have tried it, please be aware that neither Twister nor I are responsible for any negative outcomes from using this app.

Updated: 12/14/15


Computer – Most any computers should work, even older ones, I have it running pretty smoothly on a Windows 10 2 in 1 with Intel Atom Z3795CPU (1.6Ghz Quad core) with 4GB of RAM.  There are no official “minimum specs”, but many on the forums report using it on computers that are old and slow.

Broadband Internet – Exactly how fast of internet you need is still a bit unclear.  When my PS4 was running wireless at around 10 down/5 up, it would disconnect at 1080p (probably be okay if you don’t mind lowering the resolution).  Running at full speed, 60+ up and 8+down, there has been no disconnects.  However, FAST INTERNET IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!

The Remote Play PC app – Cost: 8.5GBP (About $10 USD)

Remote Play v 1.3 Android APK (needed for some system functions.  For legal reasons, it cannot be bundled with the app.  I have provided a link, but I cannot guarantee it will stay active)

(Optional) Knowledge of port forwarding (this is only needed to play on a different network, i.e. when your Playstation is at home and you’re at work, or at a friends house.  Twisted has also said the next release should eliminate the need for this)

Registration and App Setup:

  1. Purchase the app from TmacDev.com.
  2. Download Remote Play PC
  3. Wait for and open the email with your Licence Key (Note: You can only use this code 5 times, so be careful!)
  4. Open Remote Play PC and you’ll be prompt to activate your application, this is where that Licence Key is used!
  5. After you enter it, and click Activate, the program will close.  Simply reopen it.  If you get an error saying it is still not activated, you will need to contact Twisted via his website.
  6. When you open it for the first time after activation, you will get an error saying the File/Directory cannot be found and prompted to Select APK, this is where the Remote Play APK you downloaded earlier comes in!  Locate it and click OK.  If you get an error saying the File hash is incorrect, that means the APK used is not the correct version, you need version 1.3.
  7. Now the app is ready to go!  Keep going for how to setup your PS4!

PS4 Setup:

  1. Now that the program is up and running, make sure you and your PS4 are on the same network.  You CANNOT setup remote play unless you are on the same network!
  2. Click the PS4 menu at the top and then Register.  You will be promoted to turn your PS4 on and go into Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings > Add Device where you will be given an Add Device code.
  3. Use this code in the Remote Play PC App along with your EXACT PSN USER NAME for the account you are currently logged in as!  Twisted recommends using this link here and logging in, then copy/paste your Online ID directly from there so there is no errors.
  4. Click Register and you’ll get a message displaying “PS4 registered!”  If you don’t, check your PIN and Username again.
  5. That’s it!  You’re setup!  Continue to find out how to connect and play!

Connect and Play:

  1. Click on the PS4 menu once again and then Connect (or if you closed the program, reopening it will bring the PS4 Connect box up).
  2. Unless you have advanced knowledge of networking, use the Search and Connect option.  It works as long as you’re on the same network and I have never had a problem with it.
  3. After a few seconds to a minute, your PS4 screen should pop up!  Now it’s time to configure your controller and play!
  4. To configure the controller, click Settings > Controls and select your controller in the top left drop down menu labeled Device and configure each button as needed.  You can also save different profiles, mostly used if you play games that require different button configuration.
  5. That’s it!  Enjoy playing your PS4 on your PC!


  • Can I use my DS4 controller?
  • What resolutions does it support?  Do they all work?
    • It supports 720p, 540p, and 360p, all at either 30 or 60 fps.  With a fast enough internet, 720p60 works perfectly!
  • What controllers are supported?
    • While there is no list, it seems that most any USB controller can work.  I am using the Logitech 710 and it works in both XInput and Direct Input mode.  You can even use your keyboard and mouse, although mouse control is currently not really working.
  • You mentioned connecting over the internet, how do I do this?
    • In the current version (Alpha 0.106), it requires extra work.  The following is directly from Twisted:
      • In order to connect remotely over the internet to your PS4 you will need to port forward the following ports:
        • UDP 987
        • TCP  9295
        • UDP 9296

        If you’re not sure how to port forward on your router look for your make and model here http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/.

        You will need to have your PS4 turned on when connecting remotely (Wake up is not yet supported on remote connections). When ready enter your public IP address (http://www.whatismyip.com/) into the direct connect IP form.

  • What limitations does using the Remote Play PC app bring to playing?
    • There are a few limitations.  For one, the built in DVR is disabled, so that means no flashback record, regular recording, or twitch/ustream/youtube streaming.  While this is a big one, there are current workarounds that actually allow you to BETTER record and stream your gameplay.  Personally I use the AMD Gaming Evolved app to record my gameplay, which is no longer limited to 15 minutes.  It doesn’t work for streaming, but a conversation on the app forum has said that using ORB in Desktop Capture mode allows you to stream your gameplay to twitch, even allows you to add a webcam or other effects that PS4 doesn’t offer!
  • What about W/X/Y features?
  • Why would I buy this for $10 when Sony has announced an official app doing the same thing in the near future?
    • There are three reasons I bought this even knowing there will be official support sometime in the future.  1) It’s here now.  2) You’re supporting someone who did an amazing job and actually is the reason Sony is creating the official one.  They were not considering it before Twisted had a working version.  And 3) It may actually offer features that are not available on the official app.  The Xbox One streaming app currently does not allow you to record gameplay nor does it allow for recording, both things that Twisted wants to implement into his.
  • I have other questions!
    • Feel free to add a comment and I’ll try to help you, or head over to Twisted’s forum to search or post.  I’ll be updating this whenever something changes, time permitting.



Xbox One Guide (Official Windows 10 App)

Disclaimer: The guide below gives a how-to on setting up and playing your Xbox One through your computer via the official Windows 10 Microsoft Xbox app.  While I have used it with no lingering problems, I take no responsibility if something goes wrong.

Updated: 12/14/15


Computer – From Microsoft’s website, the minimum requirements are Windows 10 with 1.5Ghz CPU or faster with 2GB RAM.  Honestly, most any computers should work, even older ones, I have it running pretty smoothly on a Windows 10 2 in 1 with Intel Atom Z3795CPU (1.6Ghz Quad core) with 4GB of RAM.  Note it MUST BE WINDOWS 10!

Broadband Internet – Exactly how fast of internet you need is not specified.  It recommends a Wired Ethernet connection, even if you have to invest in a Powerline adapter or MoCA.  When my Xbox was running wireless at around 10 down/5 up, it would disconnect or be unplayable.  Running at full speed, 60+ up and 8+down, there has been no disconnects.  However, FAST INTERNET IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!

Xbox Setup:

  1. First thing you need to do, set up your Xbox One to allow Streaming.  Turn on your Xbox and go into Settings > Preferences and Enable both Allow game streaming to other devices (beta) and Enable SmartGlass connection From any SmartGlass device.

PC Setup:

  1. On your Windows 10 PC, launch the Xbox app.  Mine came pre-installed, but if it didn’t, you should be able to find it in the Windows Store.
  2. Select Connect on the left panel
  3. The app will then scan your home network for Xbox One consoles.  Select the name of the Xbox you want to connect to.  Unless you have changed the name, all Xbox Ones have the name “MyXboxOne”.
  4. Now that you are connected, click the Stream button to start streaming!
  5. If everything goes right, your Xbox screen will pop up and you can play!


  1. Can I play my Xbox through the internet (i.e. not on the same network)?
    1. As far as I can tell, no, you cannot do this at this time.
  2. When I click on my Xbox, it says “Powering on…” but then gives an  error “We can’t turn on your console”, how can I fix this?
    1. I get this error about 3/4ths of the time even though I know I’m on the same network and my Xbox is correctly configured and I have no permanent solution.  I keep my Xbox controller nearby and turn it on that way, wait about a minute, then click “Turn on” again and this works every time.
  3. What controllers work?
    1. I can only confirm that any XInput controllers work.  I use the Logitech 710.  The Xbox controllers for Windows work, as well.
  4. Is there a way to test and see if streaming will work on my network?
    1. Yes!  When connected to your console, select Test Streaming instead of Stream, this will run basic connectivity tests!
  5. The Test Streaming says I shouldn’t have a problem, but there is a lot of lag, any suggestions?
    1. Try a wired network (if you are wireless) is a good place to start if possible.  You can also lower the Streaming quality on the Xbox PC app by going to Settings > Xbox One.
  6. Limitations with using this?
    1. The DVR is disabled, as is Streaming to Twitch.  I have not currently figured out a GOOD way to record gameplay on my PC.  As for streaming, using a program like ORB and selecting Desktop Capture (instead of Window capture) should allow you to stream to Twitch or anywhere else, plus add other features like a webcam and words that are limited on Xbox.
  7. What about question X/Y/Z?
    1. There are a lot of resources for help with the Xbox streaming app, but feel free to drop a comment below and ask me and I’ll try to help if I can!  I’ll also update this as time permits!


That’s it!  Now you’re up and running with BOTH your PS4 and Xbox One connected to your computer!  I can now go from playing Witcher 3 on my PS4 to playing Battlefront on my Xbox with a few clicks and without changing controller!  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!