maxresdefaultIt’s Halloween!  Wait, what do you mean it’s not Halloween and that Halloween was TWO WEEKS AGO?  Well, what did you expect, me to get the podcast up on time?  Hmm…


Without going into detail (because I’m sure you don’t care), right after recording this episode, a ton of drama went down at my job and I ended up taking over 2 positions temporarily, essentially doing 3 jobs by myself in the same amount of hours I had been doing 1 1/2 jobs.


OK, now on to the podcast…


We talked about Sanctum 2, Starcraft II, Dawn of Discovery, Star Wars Battlefront, Gears of War, Halo 4, Tomb Raider, Devil May Cry 4, and Until Dawn.


After the break we talked about our favorite Scary/Horror games of all time, it was a lot of fun thinking back to what actually scared me!  Aliens Vs. Predator on Jaguar took the top of my list, I know that for sure!


In The News:

  • Nintendo’s new console leaked
  • Target accidentally posts Playstation 4 for sale at $29.99
  • Outlast 2 Teaser Trailer is out
  • Fallout 4 themed beer now on sale
  • Playstation 4 update 4.0 information