Senior-19651We’re back this week with an additional host AND recording together in the same room!  Who is this mysterious additional host?  Well, you may remember him from such hits as recording in his car with bad internet, in this episode he is known as the guy who was watching other people on Periscope while we record!

Okay so we had a little fun during this episode with the Periscope streaming app, you can check out Patrick’s video below.

This week’s What Caught Your Eye was a book/service called Craft Your Future, where you can use the skills you’ve gained in MMORPG’s to translate to real world success!  It’s a great read and the developers plan to keep adding to the product!

Other than that, no show notes this week, we didn’t have very many news stories.  Still, it was a fun episode and I hope we do more in-house recording!