screenshot-2014-11-03-at-12-55-21-display-2-affected-on-oculus-rift-the-most-horrifyingly-realistic-video-gameA new voice this week along side me and Patrick, a good friend of ours named Elliott!  While he is strictly a PC gamer, he did a great job and showed us what a real guest host should be!


That was a joke, Sub Knight, so stop worrying!


Kidding aside, this turned out to be a pretty long episode and another one that seemed to go by so fast!  We talked about Destiny, Titanfall, Alien: Isolation, Hearthstone, and Borderlands The Pre Sequel!



We let Elliott take the lead on What’s Caught Your Eye this week and he talked about the novel Feed by M. T. Anderson.  Very interesting social sci-fi book that might hit a little too close to home for some!



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