If you have liked us on Facebook, you were probably aware that we were hit by a very serious malware attack this week.  It took our website down almost completely, all of our plugins, the things that make the website do pretty much everything it does, were offline, our podcast RSS feed was disabled, and our mobile website lead to an adult content website that was very inappropriate.

We sincerely apologize for this.  While there is no way to be sure of how this happened, it looks like a plugin we used to help backup our website was attacked and every website that uses that plugin potentially were harmed as well.  It spread across not only KVGT’s website, but all of the websites hosted on my GoDaddy account.  It could very well have been that it was a security hole in GoDaddy that caused the issue, as well, there really is no way to tell.

The threat seems to be solved, but I am going to closely monitor it over the next week to make sure it isn’t still there.  The podcast RSS feed is still offline, but will return very soon, as early as tonight.

Thank you for understanding and I hope our website will be back to full speed soon!