Final Fantasy designer Tetsuya Nomura takes Catwoman to the extreme

Well this has been an interesting few weeks at KVGT!  We recorded this episode almost two weeks ago but last weekend when we went to put it up, we realized the site was compromised!  Continue on to find out more…


Long story short, the website was overun with a virus.  It infected over 6000 files (almost 50% of all files across all my websites), took down all aspects of the website except for the base programming, and even injected a forwarding URL for our moble website to porn.  It wasn’t even good porn, either, it was really bad, really expensive crap!  The least they could have done was provided you all with some good stuff…
With all that said, please drop us a line if anything isn’t working correctly on the website!

Anyway, me and Patrick talked about Destiny, Castle Defense, Titanfall, and Alien: Isolation!  We have been playing a lot of Destiny, I mean a lot!

It Took Two Years To Make Final Fantasy VII's Midgar In Minecraft

Our buddy and artist Corey Bass joined Twitter recently, you can find him @Ctristan66 and don’t forget to check his website and web comic at!


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