smash_wiiu_162Whoa!  Green Man Gaming feuding with the Blue Man Group?  Where the heck did that title come from??  I guess you’ll just have to listen to find out, won’t you?  Personally, this is one of my most favorite titles we’ve ever had.


That’s not saying the content of the episode is any good.  That is for YOU to determine!  However, I think we’ve hit a stride (even if it is a bit comfortable) and each episode is of high quality.  I will mention that Patrick lost his voice only a day after this and you’ll be able to tell he’s still a bit sick, so we apologize about that.











Anyway, so what have we been playing?  Not much, only The Elder Scroll’s Online, Titanfall, and Clash of Clans!  That’s it!  Such a short list this week!  It’s okay, we had a lot of other things to talk about instead.



Release Date Updates:

  • Suikoden II coming to PSN on PSOne Classics very soon.
  • Square Enix bringing Final Fantasy III to PC.
  • The PS+ Free Games for May in the UK have been announced.


Don’t forget to check out Fiction Unboxed!  It’s an amazing project for anyone interested in writing and really worth the investment!  That link currently redirects to Kickstarter, but will redirect to their page once Kickstarter is over.




In The News:


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