934720_571085589610618_118972944_nSorry about the unscheduled interruption to our normally scheduled podcast over the past few weeks, I could write excuses here and you’d probably believe them (ah, I mean, and you should believe them!), but instead I’ll just say our bad.  Yep, that’s it, so lets get to the podcast.


Oh, but before we go, I wanted to make sure to tell you that my good friend Sean is the guest host this week.  That’s her in the picture to the right.  Continue on to find out more about her!


For those of you who visit our YouTube or were there after E3 last year, we had Sean on one of our live broadcasts.  She is a good friend of mine, a TRUE gamer girl.  She does Cosplay at all the main conventions in California, and even manages a GameStop!  You can check out her facebook fan page by clicking or searching for Eternal Arcana Cosplay.  I suggest you head right over and like that page!


Anyway, lets get back to the podcast.  Our list of games played this week was a bit short, but we still managed to play The Elder Scrolls Online, Diablo III, Titanfall, Puzzles and Dragons, Clash of the Clans, and Sean is absolutely obsessed with Otome Dating Sim games, such as Shall We Date?



Oh and don’t forget to check out Captain America The Winter Soldier if you haven’t yet!  It was an amazing movie!  We talked a bit about it during the show, along with other Marvel movies coming out and in the past.



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