This week we have Patrick and Patrick and Jeremy!  Wait, what?  That’s right, our recording F*$#ed up and you’ll notice a ‘slight’ echo to Patrick’s feed.  Unfortunately I didn’t hear it at the time of recording so it wasn’t until I went to edit it that I noticed!

So again, I apologize for this one.  We’ve been using the same software to record for years now and it’s never done this!  I know what the problem was and it’ll be fixed for the next episode.
dcity15Anyway, this week we talked about Assassin’s Creed 4, Call of Duty: Ghost, Halo 4, and Grand Theft Auto V!  In news, we looked at the major increase in digital sales, a 13GB update to Dead Rising 3, the HBO Go app coming to Sony consoles, an update on Steam’s active accounts, new info on Star Wars 1313, a bit about the next SimCity patch, some concept art from canceled Bioshock Movie, Call of Duty: Ghosts next DLC, the lack of Mario on smartphones, and we talk about the awesome voice of the upcoming Xbox One search feature!


Find more Bioshock Movie Concept Art at http://jimmartindesign.co/bioshock.html