130825235911-tiger-woods-grimaces-story-topWe just can’t seem to get our release day right.  What can I say?  That’s what happens during football season!  We’ll try to get back onto our Tuesday release, I promise!  Either way, all the knights are here this week, and we have some great news stories!


I apologize for the lack of media in this post, it was just a trailer and screenshot free week!


We’ve been playing some Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Minecraft, Fallout: New Vegas, Angry Birds: Star Wars II, The Wolf Among Us, Gears of War: Judgement, Grand Theft Auto V, and Batman: Arkham Origins!


If you’re interested in the website that helps you decide where to eat, just click HERE (Warning: Graphic language)


As for news, we got Wii U Sales keep going down, but 3DS sales go up!  TitanFall staying a Microsoft exclusive “forever”, major digital sales for EA, the season pass for Dead Rising 3 revealed, Grand Theft Auto V sales area AMAZING, causing Take Two to announce “unique titles” coming to next-gen consoles, The Walking Dead Season 2 info, Command and Conquer cancelled, Apple reports first loss in 11 years, Uncharted 3 maps now free, Tiger Woods leaves video games, the OUYA looks towards the cloud for their future, and third party companies, an update on Playstation 4 launch titles, Wii ceasing manufacture in Japan, Blizzard wins $7 million, and a very important day 1 update for the Playstation 4.