etc-figure-es-dragonbornpriest-maskAn interesting episode this week, with Frank joining us half way through due to some miscommunication.  Patrick was really into his “What We’ve Been Playing” this week, and you know there is a Gears of War on that list!






Other than Gears of War, Patrick also played Madden ’13, State of Decay, Dead Space 3, and The Last of us.  As for Jeremy, it was Suikoden all week long (oh, and a bit of Suikoden II)!





In news, we looked at Playstation All-Stars going down the drain, the new Everquest game called Everquest Next (and it’s Landmark add-on), some of the new changes in PoKeMoN X/Y, Good Guy Electronic Arts (not often said) raises some money for AIDS, a complete Elder Scrolls bundle coming soon, some Bioshock Infinite DLC, an expensive Morokei Dragon Priest statute, the upcoming Tomb Raider sequel, a bit of relief to the OUYA Kickstarter backers, new Alice shorts coming soon, and the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Benchmark and Character Creator now available.