wpid-WoW-where-is-everyoneThis week we have Jeremy, Frank and Patrick on the mic and what a title this one has!  Don’t worry, you’ll have a “I see what you did there” moment while listening.  Leave it to host Patrick to “create” such a unique title!  Don’t worry, that’s not all we talk about!  Expect some Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Fez II, Gran Turismo, and more!


Between the three of us, we played Suikoden, State of Decay, Defense Grid: The Awakening, Madden 2006 to 2013, Gears of War: Judgement, Black Ops II, Dead Space 3, The Walking Dead: 400 Days, Kingdom Hearts, The Last of Us, and Patrick’s favorite, Angry Birds Star Wars!



In news, we talk about what’s to come post-release for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the upcoming Gran Turismo Movie (and why we DON’T need it), another Phil Fish blowup, more subscriber losses for World of Warcraft, the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV, LaBron James picks for the NBA 2K14 soundtrack, Square Enix’ summer sale, and the Call of Duty devs get some death threats.