Dungeons___Dragons_Chronicles_of_Mystara_Screenshot_3_Tower_of_Doom_bmp_jpgcopyHost: Jeremy and Patrick


What We’ve Been Playing:  Gears of War 3, Gears of War Judgement, God of War Ascension.



News:  Ducktales Remastered in the works, Piston Steam box is expensive, Rock Band’s final song coming soon, Rock Band hits 130 million songs, Battlefield 4 will be revealed soon, Price drop on Vita in America, there will be a season pass for Injustice: Gods Among Us and includes five additional characters, InFamous: Second Sun will be a Playstation 4 Launch title, new Mega Man game in development, Dungeon’s & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara coming soon, the truth about Dead Island Riptide and the Wii U, Final Fantasy  X/X-2 HD Remastered coming to the west this year.



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