Episode IV finally came out on October 10, 2012. The group is just arriving in Savannah, which is a ghost town. There are some surprising events in Around Every Corner. The choices you make in this one are not as heart felt as in Episode III, they seemed to go back to giving you some simple chooses to make. And the end will leave you in shock.

   As the group walks into the empty town, Clementine is trying to get her walkie-talkie back from Lee. Lee is holding on to it to see if the unknown man talking to Clementine tries to contact her now that they were in Savannah. As they make there way down the streets, Christa asks Omid if he needs to get off his leg. You can now chose to ask Kenny to stop and rest, or just say that you need to press on. I said to press on. Shortly after church bells start ringing and Lee sees a figure running away form the bells on the roof. Just then the unknown man chimes in and tells them they better get off the streets.

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