Hosts: Jeremy, Frank, Patrick


What We’ve Been Playing: Dishonored, Minecraft, Harry Potter Kinect, Avengers: Battle for Earth, Wizorb, Phantasy Star II, X Com: Enemy Unknown, Tropico 4: Gold Edition, Madden 13, Rebuild, Gears of War 3, Assassin’s Creed III, Dead Island, God of War, Angry Birds: Star Wars, Gears of War: Anvil Gate


Release Date Updates: Bioshock Infinite pushed back, Ni No Kuni Demo Available, Skyrim Dragonborn DLC now available on Xbox 360, Final Fantasy IV coming to Android and iPhone, New Super Mario Bros 2 Gold Classic Pack coming soon, Fire Emblem: Awakening dated for February, Resident Evil 6 getting new content.




News:  Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII changes in real time, Mega Man x Street Fighter coming soon for free, Sony Sales for Black Friday, Rappers write theme for Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, Final Fantasy Memorial Ultimania Vol. 1 and 2 coming soon, The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia coming soon,

Special features using Smart Glass for The Dark Knight Rises, Kindle Fire now available at Gamestop, Dishonored breaks expectations, Wreck-it Ralph to have a sequel, Dark Souls II anounced, Dragon Age III influenced by Skyrim, Possible Star Ocean revival, Vita helps catch a criminal, Xbox gets new apps, G4 becoming Esquire Channel in 2013, Square Enix’s horrible Hitman: Absolute promo



Dark Souls 2 Trailer

Also in this episode:

  • Xbox 360 November NPD’s
  • 2012 Spike TV VGA’s Results
  • NNVGC Update

First Look at Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon