Hey whats up there listeners of the Nerdgasm Network. I am co-host Patrick and I am also a co-host on the video game podcast Knights Of The Video Game Table. Although KVGT is my main podcast, I still try to bring some great stories and good laughs to Nerdgasm. Ryan and I are always thinking up ways to make both podcast bigger and better.

Just a little info on me. I been gaming since 1986 when I got my first system, the Nintendo power pad bundle. I have played many different systems and games, and mostly play horror/survival, action/adventure, shooters, sports, some puzzle, and fighting games. I currently have a Nintendo Wii, PS3, and a X-Box 360. I still own my original Nintendo. I have a lot of different video game collectibles and also have a couple of gaming tattoos, of Gears Of War and Dead Space. Pictures on my personal blog can be seen here. I have more in the works.


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