Episode III of The Walking dead is here. This episode is entitled Long Road Ahead. In Long Road Ahead there are some tough very hard choice to be made. Episode II was horrifying and gory, while in episode III they stray away from the gore and really play with there emotions. This is the hardest episode to play through so far.


Long Road Ahead takes place a week after there horrifying trip to the St. John’s Farm in episode II. Whats left of the group are still using the motel as there strong hold with the help of the supplies they found in the abandoned car. Lee and Kenny are back in Lee’s home town of Macon looking for what ever supplies they can find in the small town. Kenny climbs up on top of the back of a semi trailer and as Lee starts to climb they hear a woman screaming for help. Before the two have a chance to do anything she is bite on the leg. Lee then wants to shoot her to put her so she does not have to suffer, while Kenny tells Lee to leave her so the walkers will focus on her screams and they would have more time for supplies. First choose of the game, if you kill the girl then you have less time to grab supplies, if you go along with Kenny and leave her to be eaten alive, you will have more time to grab supplies, I chose to leave the girl to be eaten alive. 


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