Aspho Fields is the first book to come out for the Gears Of War universe. Written by Karen Traviss, a author from the Untied Kingdom, Aspho Fields is the first of a five book series. The book is based between the events of the video games Gears Of War and Gears Of War 2. They also flash back to the days before the Locust and Hammer strikes, telling the tale of how Dom Santiago meets Marcus Fenix. Also of the last all human war, The Pendulum Wars.

Each chapter switches back and froth from the past to the present. In the past story line, it tells the tale of Marcus starting public school at the age of 10. He is quickly bullied because a rich background. Carlos Santiago comes to Marcus’s defends and the two become close friends. Carlos introduces Marcus to his little brother Dom and the rest of his family, where Marcus spent most of his time. They family would deem Marcus a honorary Santiago. Marcus would become more then a friend to Carlos and Dom, he had becomes a brother.

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