The Walking Dead is a TV show that was made from a comic book. Its about zombies,called walkers, and the people trying to survive. Well they made a game for the hit series that they are bring out in five episodes. The first episode is out now call A New Day. The Walking Dead game is not like other zombie games. Zombie games like Resident Evil are games were you are in third person and you have missions and puzzles to do. Also there is a evil company called Umbrella that created the virus that causes the zombie outbreak. In Left 4 Dead  its run and gun in first person mode. There are no real objectives other then survival.

In The Walking Dead however its a whole different concept. The player are giving choices that effect the out come of the game and how the people around the main character feel and trust him. The choices will also effect the people the player will come across and if they will be alive or dead. I am going to write the choices that I made. When in a area the player will have objects he can choose from. The items available to pick from can either be for show or help out later down the road. The game a cross of action and stealth. There are scenes were the only option is to attack with brutal force, or take a quit silent take down. The Walking Dead’s main character is a man named Lee Everett.

The start of the game Lee is being taking out of the city of Atlanta in handcuffs and in the back of a cop car. The officer starts talking to Lee saying that he must not have done it. Every time Lee is asked a question or talk to chooses are given for responses. As Lee talks back and froth with the officer, a bunch of cop and swat cars are heading into the city lights and sirens blaring. The officer driving the car is not really paying attention to the road as he is talking to Lee. He hits a walker and crashes off the side of the road and rolls down a hill. Lee is dazed from the crash. He can hear the officer yelling and something else moving around. When Lee comes to, he can see the officer in the distance laid out with blood around him.

Once Lee escapes from the back seat of the cop car, he limps over the the officer cause his leg was injured in the crash. Once Lee get to the officer he asks him if he is alright. He then takes the handcuff keys from the officers belt and frees himself from his cuffs. Just then the officer comes back to live as a walker and attacks Lee. Lee knocked down crawls backwards trying to flee the dead officer crawling towards him trying to make Lee his meal. Lee backs into the cop car were he spots a shotgun shell on his right and a shotgun to his left. Once he picks up both and load the gun, Lee tries to plead with the officer to stop or he’ll shoot. Realizing that he pleads were falling on death ears, he shots the officer in the head. With the sound of the gun shot, walkers start coming out from everywhere. Scared and confused Lee stands up to run only to fall on his face. He gets up again and hopes over a near by fence.

The walkers start heading for the fence and Lee when they hear another gun shot off in the distance and head for it. Lee gets up and head for the back door of the house of the yard he was in. Once inside he sees blood everywhere. The answer machine is beeping so he goes and listens to the messages. He hears the owner of the house leaving a message for there daughter and her babysitter. After three messages he realizes they are most likely dead cause they too wear over ran with walkers. Just then Lee hears a walkie talkie go off. He finds it and learns the daughter of the house is hiding in the tree house in the backyard. The little girl says she has been there for days surviving by herself and tells Lee that her name is Clementine and is eight years old. Clementine then tells Lee to watch out and hides back in the tree house.

Lee turns around to see a walker coming after him. He goes to run and slips in some blood. Lee then tries to fight off the walk when Clementine comes to Lee’s aid with a hammer. Lee then kills the walker with the hammer by bashing it in the face several times. Lee convinces Clementine to leave with him and that he would keep her safe. At this point a choice to head out during the day or wait till night is given, I chose day. As they leave her house they come across two guys trying to move cars out of the street so they can drive there truck back to there home. They introduce themselves as Shawn and Chet. Lee helps them clear the trucks path as a bunch of walkers come out to attack them. With the road cleared, they all hope in the truck and head to Shawn’s home, a farm out in the boonies.

Once on the farm, Lee meets the owner, Shawn’s father Hershel Green. Hershel does not believe that the whole walker thing is a big deal. Shawn talks Hershel into reinforcing the farm. Hershel fixes up Lee and tells him he can stay with another family in the barn and that they can’t stay long on the farm. After a restless nights sleep, Lee wakes up and starts helping out around the farm. He meets with a family of three, Kenny, Katjaa, and there son Duck. Lee hits it off with Kenny. He then goes and helps Shawn and Duck who are both making the outside fence stronger. Lee then goes and talks with Hershel when they here screaming coming from Shawn and Duck’s way. Another choice is given, save Shawn or Duck, I saved Duck. Shawn is killed and Hershel is furious and kicks everyone off his farm. Lee gathers up Clementine and head out to his home town with Kenny and his family.

Once the gang gets into Lee’s home town they run out of gas. They are soon going to be over run with walkers when to people come out and save them. Everyone runs back into a drug store for safety. Inside they find other survivors. Some not to happy to see more people joining there group. After a quick argument, things settle down and Lee meets everyone in the group. Glenn and Carley are the ones that saved them form the walker attack. Lee also finds out the two member that are not to happy to see more people coming in are Lilly and her father Larry. There is also a man named Doug. Larry has a heart problem and everyone starts looking for keys to the pharmacy to get him the medicine that will save his life. Glenn takes off with Clementine’s other walkie talkie to find more supplies. As Lee tries is looking around the store, he is does not let anyone know that this was his parents store.

As Lee is in the back room, Carley comes in the room and tell him that she knows who he is and that she knows he had murder a the man that was cheating on with Lee’s wife. She tell Lee should not tell anyone and that he needs to keep on talking care of Clementine. As Lee is hanging around the store, Clementine gets a call from Glenn asking for help. He is trapped near a motel and was hiding from a bunch of walkers. Lee tells him to sit tight and heads out with Carley to find him. Once they get to Glenn, he tells them that there is a girl crying in one of the rooms and that they need to save her. Lee now has to sink around a bunch of walkers and kill them quietly to not attract them all at once. Once they get to the girl crying she tells everyone that she just wants to be let alone. She comes out saying she was bite and does not want to turn into a walker. Another choice is given, I chose to try and reason with her. She wants to die so she leaps towards Carley to take her gun, they all fall to the ground and the girl picks up the gun and kills herself.

Back at the store, Lee finds a walker in scrubs trapped under a telephone poll. He sees that it’s his brother and that he most likely had the keys to the pharmacy. Lee and Doug come up with a plan to distract the walkers around Lee’s trapped brother so Lee can run out there and get the keys. After killing his brother, Lee finds the keys and head back inside the drug store. Once inside, Lee and Lilly heads for the pharmacy lock door. Once inside a alarm goes off and it’s a mad dash to get everything ready to flee the store. Kenny starts directing everyone on what to do. He tells Lee, Carley, and Doug to hold the walkers back while he fills up his truck with the gas Glenn got when he was out.Carley starts covering the left window and Dough covers the right. Lee is in the middle at the front door.

Both Carley and Doug are then attacked by intruding walkers. At this point another choice is made, save Carley or Doug, I chose Carley. Lee runs to Carley’s purse where she keeps her clips for her gun. Lee gives her another clip and she defends herself and kills the attacking walkers. Doug is pulled through the window and eaten alive.  Clementine is then attacked by a walker. Lee runs to her rescue and stomps the walker till it lets her go. Lee then flows Clementine towards the back room to flee from the madness when Larry, back at full strength from his pills, tells Lee he is not coming with them and punches Lee in the face. Lee in a daze can hear a walker coming at him, looks up right as Kenny puts a axe in the walkers head. He helps Lee up and they both head out.

The group flees to the hotel where they saved Glenn from. Glenn decides to leave the group and head back to Atlanta to see if he can find his friends. Kenny gives Lee a vote of confidence on watching over Clementine. Lee then goes and speaks with Carley who is upset over Doug’s death and wonders if there was anyway to save him. Clementine tells Lee she is upset cause Glenn took off with her walkie talkie and that the one she had broken when they were fleeing the drug store. Lee is then called over by Larry. Larry tells Lee that he knows who he is, and that he better stay away from his daughter. Larry also tells Lee that nothing better happen to his daughter or Clementine other wise he better watch his back. Lilly then walks over to Lee after her father leaves and thanks him for saving her fathers life. The group then decides to fortify the motel until the Army comes to save them.

This game is not all that long but will still keep you at the edge of your seat. So far you have met a few people from the comic and TV show. Glenn, Shawn, and Hershel are from both the comic and TV show, and Lilly has not yet been seen in the show, but was in the comics. The main character Lee makes me laugh, he is constantly falling or slipping on something. He is a very clumsy person and makes you wonder how he has survived this long, let alone been taking care of Clementine.

At the end of episode I there is a quick preview for episode II. The group is running out of food and tempers are running high. A farm comes and tells them to come back to this dairy farm. There are talks of fearing the living more of the dead. At the end of the preview all hell is breaking lose. I can not wait for more episode to come out. There are going to be five total. So stay tuned for the next review on episode II set to come out on May 30, 2012.