(Possible spoilers if you have yet to finish the original Mass Effect. So to the one person out there, read with caution)


So I’ve been continuing my replay of the entire Mass Effect trilogy. The First time I tried to play the role of the caring but stern Commander, a shoulder to cry on, always willing to spare time to save civilians during missions, but strong and focused on the task at hand. And so this time around I decided to go Renegade. Which it turns out is the equivalent of being the biggest jerk in the galaxy.


My decisions through the first play through seemed to feel as if they were clear decisions, decisions that helped mold and then restate who my vision of who Shepard was. Choosing the renegade option every time seems to make my character wreckless and unpredictable. I mean I really couldn’t see anyone wanting to follow this Shepard into battle. I would be concerned that Shepard may set up some under the table deal that could compromise the mission or that Shepard would bully the wrong thug and get some crew killed in an unnecessary shoot out.


Its funny though as even though I changed the look of my Shepard from the first to second play through I can’t help but feel all the renegading is smearing up the image of Shepard. I mean I keep thinking Shepard would never do that. But then that is my play through. Others might think of Shepard as mean to begin with. I guess it’s intersting how personal these decisions make the experience.


But yes back to being the Renegade. Overall its been fun seeing Shepard deteriorate to a loose cannon who makes decisions that at times just boggle the mind. So I’ll leave you with a video of what was one of the most extreme scenes I ran into as of late. That truly set Renegade Shepard apart from Paragon Shepard. (Side note this is not my character or direct video. It is the choice I selected though)