So recently I played Prototype 2 for an hour. I have completed Prototype 1 and I will say it did feel like that was a bit to my advantage.


Newcomers – Story

Story wise it does continue from part one though there is a quick video reviewing the main plot points of Prototype 1 for beginners. Also plenty of time is spent on setting up the story for part 2 and connecting it with 1 once the game begins. But then again this game is full of action, so while it is nice to have played through part 1, I don’t think it will hurt you if this is your first step into the Prototype Franchise.


Newcomers – Combat

Combat wise though I feel as though you may hurt a bit. Just slightly though. The controls are intuitive though there is a lot of moves you can do early on that are not mentioned in at least the first hour of the game where they are usable. One example is jumping while climbing a building can help you scale those last few stories of a building a bit quicker. Again here early on you aren’t really challenged so if you know the moves already from playing part 1 then it is fun to wreak havoc to your best ability right away but if you don’t know all the moves you won’t hurt as the explained moves are more than enough to hold your own early in the game.



I will say the graphics do feel a bit aged but this could be in part to the fact that the 360 as a console is reaching its peak. Though there is a lot on the screen in terms of crowds and cars and the combat and movement is great to where the graphics don’t really seem to hurt the game.



The story is pretty good, it’s not a legendary tale but it is entertaining and by no means do the frequent movies early on seem to make the game feel as though its dragging. So again it’s not great but good. And enough to make you want to see what’s next. It has been a while since Prototype 1 so I can’t quite exactly say if it is harsher but the game does feel as if it has a slightly grittier tone.



Again as I said the combat is great. The whole sandbox feel is fun to run around and destroy everything in. In fact I probably would have been a lot farther in the story had I not been sidetracked by trying to throw civilians just right so that they would knock down a tree or decide that every car in the street had to be punched.


One Word for One Hour – Hooked

Overall this is a good game and a great sandbox to explore. The story is entertaining enough to not make you upset when a movie pops up and the combat is fun enough to make you lose time just deploying nonsensical chaos. Overall after the first hour I have to say I’m hooked and so now I shall leave to throw more civilians. I may even throw civilians at civilians. Or shopping carts at civilians. Or shopping carts at shopping carts. Oh the possibilities.