To start off I recently finished Mass Effect 3. And found myself in the group that either didn’t like or understand the ending. I felt as if this long journey lead to nothing, I actually felt as if I didn’t finish the game and just stopped playing it. I wanted more though. At first I considered replaying Mass Effect 3 chosing all the renegade options instead of being mostly nice as I did on my first play through, but I thought it wouldn’t make sense as by the time I finished the new patches and the dlc for the expanded would be out and I would then want to play again. So I decided to go ahead with the option I said I would do many times but never did. Start from the beginning. Play from Mass Effect 1-3 and get all the dlc I never played for each game along the way.


So I had to get a copy of Mass Effect 1. I owned the game previously but lost it. Since Mass Effect originally released November 20, 2007 I figured it would be relatively cheap. I figured I could find it for $5-$14 dollars at Gamestop. Suprisingly though, a used copy of Mass Effect retails for $29.99 at Gamestop. And suprisingly online it still holds a value of around $15-$35 dollars. So I figured to check the download market. On xbox it was available for $19.99 on demand. It was near the lower spectrum of the price range and I could be ultra lazy and not be forced to travel somewhere or wait for the mail. Also I should note the pc version does have a better inventory system though I do have Mass Effect 3 on xbox and would want to continue into it. Also my computer is under repair right now though for anyone able to go the pc route for Mass Effect 1 at least, there is upside to going the pc route.

Mass Effect Shopper

Gamestop – Xbox 360 Used -$29.99

Xbox Marketplace – Xbox 360 Download -$19.99

Steam – PC Download -$19.99


Now the first time I played Mass Effect I went dlc free. So I had to find and download the dlc. I am sure there was some pre order cosmetic item dlc but I am not about to go that hardcore and scour ebay for download codes. So from what I could tell “Bring Down The Sky” and “Pinnacle Station” were the two available DLC packs available. First was “Bring Down The Sky”. Suprisingly it is available for 80 microsoft points. Originally it went for 400. Next was “Pinnacle Station”. I recalled Pinnacle Station as I remembered it had low ratings and didn’t have much story from what I heard. Unfortunately originaly and still does go for 400 microsoft points. Reluctantly I downloaded this dlc as well. I mean this is the likely the last play through of Mass Effect for me and if I pass this dlc up now it will never happen and when I finish the series again I’ll think, I did it all except…. So yep I downloaded it. After it was all set and loaded I started the game then just stared at it a while. Saw the quick demo movie if you don’t push any buttons then turned it off to make dinner.


Mass Effect DLC
Bring Down The Sky
Xbox Marketplace – Xbox Download – 80 Microsoft Points ($1.00)
Pinnacle Station
XBox Marketplace – Xbox Download – 400 Microsoft Points ($5.00)


I will continue to post my progress as my journey continues. And to think if only Mass Effect 3’s ending left me content I probably wouldn’t of even started this route