Hosts: Jeremy, Frank, Patrick


Podcast Updates: Welcome, RPG Weekly, to the KVGT Family!


What We’ve Been Playing:  Xenoblade: Chronicles, Blades of Time, Sonic Generations, Asura’s Wrath, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 3, Madden 12, Gears of War 3, Devil May Cry HD Collection, Bioshock, Sonic the Hedgehot 4 Episode 1, The Farthest Shore (Book), Gears of War: Anvil Gate (book)


News:  Dragon Ball Z on Kinect, HBO Go for Xfinity on Xbox 360, Possible new God of War, Gamestop required to let people know about non-included DLC, No Resident Evil 6 for Wii U, Borderlands 2 DLC announced, Resident Evil 6 will have Mercenaries mode, different DLC maps depending on preorder, Phantasy Star 2 will have “FUN” currency, Skyrim gets Kinect support (see media for video).




Vs. Week 2 Results: Cloud Strife won over Sub-Zero 60/40


Also this week:

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  • Do You Remember by Jeremy