I just got done watching the mid-season finale, and man was it a good one. So Glenn tells everyone about the walkers in the barn. Which gets everyone in a up roar. Which I don’t blame them, I mean to find out that you are sleeping 40 feet from a barn full of zombies when you think you are safe, for the time being, from them is very unsettling. Rick is still trying to convince Hershel to let the camp stay on the farm because his wife, Lori, is pregnant. Daryl and Carol talk if Carol will find her daughter Sophia. Dale is freaking out cause of Andrea and Shane, and tries to get ride of all of the guns, which Shane catches him and brings them back. Glenn pleads his case to Maggie.

Hershel takes Rick to wrangle up some walkers in the swamp. Not only does Shane question Lori if he is the father of her baby, also telling her that Rick is not fit to survive in a world full of zombies, he goes off the deep end with everything that is going on. Shane goes off when he sees Hershel and Rick coming back with the walkers on snare poles and lets everyone know how he feels about things that are going on. He frees the walkers that are in the barn and everyone from the camp killed all the walkers well Hershel and his clan watched in horror. And then the shocker of the finale happen. I saw this coming and I figured it out.


The last zombie came walking out slow from the barn. And it was Sophia. Now everyone sat there in shock well she walk slowly out and the reality set in that all there searching was for nothing. And that Sophia was right under there noses the whole time in the barn. Carol tried running towards Sophia crying and Daryl grabbed her and brought her to the ground to stop her. Wail everyone is standing there in shock as Sophia walks towards them, Rick walks up past everyone with his gun drawn and shoots Sophia in the head. Just before the credits, they show a view from the sky with everyone standing there with, from what it look to me, that any hope they had, had just went away with Sophia’s death. Let me tell you, I was sitting there quit with no words. Like I said, I saw it coming with Sophia being a walker, but it still hit hard to see everyone’s face and see the pain they all had. I can not wait till February for the season to continue.