I just got done watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead called Better Angels. Yeah I know I am a little late on watching this episode and writing this up, but things came up. So to recap a little from the last episode, they did not kill Randell and still have him locked up in a barn. Carl found a walker stuck in the mud and was going to kill it, but it got freed and Carl took off running. After everyone decided against Dale about keeping Randell alive, he tells Darrel the group is broken. He then went for a walk and found a cow with it’s guts ripped out. Dale was then attacked by the walker that Carl encountered earlier, and had his stomach ripped open. Just as that happens, the group catches up to where Dale is being attack and Darrel kills the walker. Now everyone are standing over Dale crying and Rick could not pull the trigger to finish off Dale because they could not save him. Darrel takes the gun tells Dale,”Sorry brother”, and kills Dale.


Better Angels starts off with Rick doing a monologue about the group and Dale. As Rick is talking they show Shane driving a truck with Andrea, Theodore, and Darrel scouting for walkers. They find a bunch of walkers and take out there frustrations on them. After that scene, the group is standing around Dale’s grave. Rick talks about how that Dale had a rare quality on how he could read people and see what type of person you were. Rick also said that the group needed to stay strong and prove Dale wrong by getting together and not being a broken group.


Hershel is now letting the group move into the house and says he should have done this a long time ago. The group is now trying to fortify the farm. Hershel gives up his bedroom to Rick and Lori because Lori is pregnant. As Glenn is bringing his stuff in, Maggie tells him to bring his stuff to her room. Glenn tells Maggie not with her dad in the house and walks away. Maggie walks away with a hurt look on her face. Meanwhile Shane is outside collecting wood. Carl walks up to Shane and tells him about the walker he found and how it was the same one that killed Dale. Carl also showed Shane the gun he stole from Darrel and told Shane to give it back to Darrel. Shane tells him to keep the gun to protect himself, but Carl says he never wants to touch a gun again and runs away.


As they are fortifying the farm, Andrea and Glenn are trying to move Dale’s RV. Andrea can’t get the RV started. Glenn then opens the front of the RV grill to try to fix it. Glenn remembers Dale telling him that older vehicles can get a little croaked. Glenn starts to fix the RV when he stops and looks down. He tells Andrea that he feels like he let down Dale because he voted against him about killing Randell. Andrea tells Glenn that Dale was very proud of him and knew that he was a good person. Glenn then smiled fixed the RV and it started right up. While this is going on, Shane is building a lookout with the wood he was collecting. Lori walks over and starts talking to Shane about how she never thank him for everything he has done. She also apologize for the way things are and for how hard things are for him right now.


Rick is now talking to Darrel about releasing Randell. Shane comes over and tells Rick he need to talk to Carl about everything. Rick says it can wait he needs to release Randell, and that he will have Lori talk to Carl. Shane gets mad and tells Rick that he needs to talk to his father not his mother and puts Darrel’s gun Carl stole in front of Rick telling him he can give it back to Darrel. Rick then heads out to Carl and has a talk. He tells Carl that Dale’s death was not his fault and that he should keep the gun to stay safe.


Shane, mad and starting to lose it, heads to where Randell is being kept. He sits down in front of Randell and just stares at him. Shane then slaps himself and pulls his gun out. He puts the gun to Randell’s head and starts breathing hard. He then sees that Randell was about to free himself and comes up with a plan. Rick sends Theodore to go get Randell so they can take him far out from the farm and release him. Theodore then opens the barn were Randell is kept to find him gone. They then show Randell and Shane walking way out in the woods. Shane asking Randell about his camp. Randell tells him they were about five miles out from the farm and that he knew how to get back to them. Shane tells him to take him to them and that he is done with his group. Randell agrees and tells him that he will like it there because there are a bunch of people like him real rowdy. As Randell is walking Shane snaps his neck. Shane then rams his face into a tree and brakes his nose.


As the group is trying to find out how Randell escaped, Shane comes out of the woods and tells them that Randell snuck up behind him and hit him in the face stealing his gun. Rick tell everyone to get in the house expect for Shane, Darrel, Glenn, and himself who were going to go look for Randell. They split into two teams, Shane went with Rick and Glenn with Darrel. Darrel feeling that something is not right starts off back at the starting point Shane showed them after searching for a while. This taking Glenn and himself in a different direction that Shane told them Randell had ran off from. Darrel quickly finds the spot were Randell was killed by Shane, and tries to figure out what happen when he is attacked by a walker. Glenn gets the walker off Darrel and kills it. They put the flash light on the walker and see that it is Randell. They search Randell’s body and can not find a bite mark anywhere. Darrel tells Glenn that he died of a broken neck and take off back towards the farm.


Meanwhile Shane and Rick go further and further out into the woods. Rick is questioning Shane the whole time and looking at him as if he had a feeling something was up. They get into a open field and Rick stops and says to Shane,”Is this where you are going to do it?” knowing at that point that Shane had plan on killing him. Shane reply’s with,”Good as spot as any.”. They then go back and fourth, Rick saying that he did not need to do this. Shane telling Rick that he had a broken wife and a weak son because of Rick and that he could not keep them safe. Rick then says that they can go back to the house and forget this happen and puts his gun on the ground telling Shane to do the same. Shane puts down his gun, and Rick walks over to Shane. Rick then stabs Shane in the chest. Rick yells out why did you make me do this! Rick is now laying on top of Shane as he fell to the ground and pulls the knife out screaming and starts to cry. Then from behind him, he hears,”Dad?”. Carl is standing there confused and crying. As Rick walks towards Carl, the screen started showing Shane on the ground and flashes of walkers. Carl then rises the gun to his dad. Rick crying tells his son that its not as it looks. As Rick is still walking towards Carl, Shane gets up as a walker and starts heading toward Rick who has his back turned to him and does not notice Shane had gotten back up. As Shane gets close to Rick, and Rick is still trying to explain himself to his son, Carl pulls the trigger and shoots Shane in the head. Shane drops to the ground dead. The sound of the gun however alerts a whole hoard of walkers never by. As Rick is hugging his son and crying, far off in the back ground the hoard is coming toward them and the episode ends.


This left me in shock and upset at the same time. I can not believe they killed off Shane so fast. Especially since they just killed off Dale the episode before. There group is getting smaller by the show. Shane was my favorite character. In my eyes he would have been the one I would have wanted to lead me if I was in that group. Yeah I agree that he did not approach somethings in the right way. But Shane would have kept everyone alive and had what it takes to do what needed to be done. Rick has proven over and over that he can’t do what needs to be done and flip flops on his decisions. Shane was right about the walkers in Hershel’s barn and about Randell. He was the leader of the group until Rick showed up. Then everyone pushed Shane aside like he had done nothing for them. Lori being the worst of them all. She in my opinion is the main reason Shane lost it. She also is the one who pit Rick against Shane to get her way. I will miss seeing Shane on the show. I just hope that they will still bury him like they did the rest of the group.


Now having said that, this whole thing about turning into a walker with out being bite is leaving some questions out there. Could it be that they have been around the walkers so much that getting there blood on them put something into there systems that only affects them after they died as long as there brain is intact? Or maybe whatever started all this is now air born? Could it be that if you have hate or doubt in your heart when you die after being around the walkers for so long just changes you? Only time will tell if we get those answers. Only one more episode left this season, and I can’t wait to see what happens.