I just got done watching the latest episode of AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead. The name of the episode was called Judge, Jury, Executioner. This episode gave me a bunch of different emotions. From being mad and pissed off, to upset and sad. It was a very good episode that had me also yelling at the T.V. with my opinion of what the characters in the show should be doing, as if they could hear me.


The show starts off with Daryl interrogating Randell by beating the crap out of him. Daryl is trying to find out about the group Randell was in that left him for dead. Randell at first was trying to say that he did not know anything and that he was just rolling with them to be safe. After Daryl pulled out his knife, Randell spilled his guts. He told Daryl how there were about 30 guys in his camp, including women and children. That they had automatic weapons and how they raped women. He tried pleading to Daryl that he was not like the rest of that camp and not to kill him.


Daryl reports back to the rest of the group what he found out and how Randell’s camp is not out looking for friends and that they will kill the men and make the women wish they had been. Rick stands up and says right off the bat that they need to kill Randell to protect there camp. No one else in the group says anything but Dale. Dale can not believe that Rick of all people want to kill someone who was not a zombie and was still living. Rick tells Dale that he has no other choice and that everyone is scared so he needs to take care of it. Dale pleads to Rick to think of his son Carl and give him some time talk to the rest of the group. He is granted one day to plead his case with everyone, and at the end of that day they will all get together and discuss what they will do.


So Dale goes around trying to get people join his cause. Dale talks to Andrea first and also asks her to guard Randell from Shane till they talk about everything that night. Andrea tells him she agrees that Randell needs to die but tell Dale that she will guard Randell till that night. He then goes and talks to Daryl up in is secluded area. Daryl pretty much tells him that he does not care either way and that the group is broken. Dale then surprisingly goes up to talk with Shane. Dale tells Shane that he wants to change his mind and that they both are not going anywhere, so they should talk like men. Shane agrees that they are both not going anywhere and listens to what Dale says. Shane tells Dale that he is wrong about keeping Randell alive, but if the group wants to keep him alive, he would not argue. Dale also tried to talking to Hershel, but he just wanted to stay out of it, and said he will go along with whatever Rick decides.


While Dale is out on his crusade, Shane and Andrea are talking about the group and where it is going. With them talking right outside of where they are keeping Randell, Carl sneaks in to get a look at the prisoner. As soon as Randell sees Carl, he tries to talk Carl into helping him get free. Randell tells Carl that his camp has a lot of supplies, he could lead him to his camp and help out him and his parents if he set him free. Right at that moment, Shane rushes in with his gun demanding that Randell tell him what he had said to Carl. Andrea pulls Shane off Randell. Shane then grabs Carl asking him why he was talking to him. Carl quickly responds with I can handle myself. Shane tell him how people like Randell will say anything to get you to lower your guard and that he needed to stay way from Randell. Carl then pleads not to tell his parents as Shane tell Carl to get his mom and to make smarter moves.


Carl was on a roll tonight. After getting in trouble with Shane, he was standing by Sophia’s grave. Carol walks up and tell him that she is in a better place and they will see her again one day. He then mouths off to her by saying anyone who believes in Haven is stupid and ran off. Carol then walks over to Rick and Lori telling them they need to teach Carl some respect. Rick tells her that he is going to go talk to him right now leaving Lori with Carol. Lori tells her to claim down making Carol really mad. She then tells Lori not to patronize her and that she did not lose her mind, she lost her daughter.


Rick catches up with Carl and asked him why did he talk back to Carol. He says that he didn’t and Rick quickly stops him and tells him he can’t be doing that. Carl tells Rick about what he had said to her and he was not sorry. Rick tell him to think about what he was saying and that he needed to apologize for what he had said.


Instead of talking to Carol, he goes up to where Daryl is camped out at. After looking trough the saddle bags on Daryl’s motorcycle, he finds a gun. He takes the gun and heads out to the woods. While walking in the woods, Carl finds a zombie stuck in the mud. As soon as the zombie realizes that Carl is there he tries to reach for Carl. Carl starts throwing rocks at the zombie with no fear because it was stuck. He then walks over behind the zombie aiming the gun. The zombie trying its hardest to turn and grab Carl finally frees a leg and lunges at him knocking the gun and Carl on the ground. Carl, who thinks he is some bad ass now, starts crying and is trying frantically kick at the zombie to get away. Carl gets his feet underneath him again and runs back to the house. And of course he tells no one of what happen.


While Carl is having his adventure out in the woods, Glen and Hershel have a heart to heart. Hershel shows his approval of Glen being with his daughter Maggie. He also gives Glen a pocket watch that was handed to him by his father that was given to him by his grandfather.


As Carl is getting back to the house, it is time to debate about what they should do with Randell. Lori tells Carl to leave and they start talking. Dale, crying, continues to tell everyone that they need to find a way so Randell can live and how they can’t just go into a anarchy, and they must stay civilized. They go back and froth and Dale sees he had lost, and leaves the room not wanting to be apart of killing a living person. As he leaves, he puts his hand on Daryl and tells him that the group is broken.


Rick, Daryl, and Shane bring Randell to the bran and blind fold him. They put him on his knees and Rick puts the gun to his head. Rick is just standing there shaking a little and in the look of his face having trouble pulling the trigger. Just then Carl walks into the barn and tells his dad to pull the trigger. Shane walks right to Carl grabbing him and asking him what was he doing. Rick then told Daryl to take Randell away and to lock him back up. Shane gets mad and walks back to the camp. When rick gets back he tells Lori how he couldn’t do it after him hearing his son wanting to watch him kill another person. Andrea gets up and say she is going to go find Dale and tell him that they did not kill Randell.


Dale meanwhile is walking out in the fields outside of the house. He hears a noise and heads to it. He finds one of Hershel’s cows on the ground moaning in pain with it’s guts ripped out of its stomach. Dale then turns around and is attacked by, yes you guessed it, the zombie that got freed when trying to get to Carl. The group hears Dale’s yells and quickly head out to find him. The zombie trying to bite at Dale’s face and missing. Dale was struggling, but was keeping the zombie at bay. Then the zombie stopped trying to bite him and ripped a hole in Dale’s stomach instead. Right when the zombie started to do this, Daryl throw the zombie off Dale and put his knife in it’s head killing it. Now the whole group is there and Rick sends for Hershel in the hopes that he can save Dale. Hershel tells Rick there’s nothing he can do for him. The whole groups starts braking down. Carl looks over at the zombie and realizes its the one that got free trying to get to him and runs to his mom crying. Rick takes out his gun and puts it to Dale’s head. Unable to put poor Dale out of his misery, Daryl takes the game, aiming it at Dale’s head as Dale stared straight into his eyes, Daryl tells Dale sorry brother as he pulls the trigger ending the episode.


Now let me take a deep breath. I was not sure how long they were going to keep Dale around. They seemed to hint that he might not last the whole series, but I really did not expect them to kill him off in the second season. Dale will be missed with all his wisdom he would give and his effort to keep things civil. Even thought it could be annoying. Like I said a lot of things made me mad about this episode like them fighting over keeping Randell alive and Carl acting the way he did the whole time. And of course the sad part was Dale, they way he went out, and the way they did it made you want to cry. One thing that I think should be pointed out is that Shane was there and was just as upset as the rest of the group. I know there is a lot of Shane hatters out there, and I know Dale and Shane don’t get along. But at the end of the day Shane would have protected Dale just as much as any other person in his group. Shane needs to take over as the leader as he was before Rick showed up. If you ask me Rick showed that he does not have what it takes. He could not pull the trigger to kill Randell to keep his group safe, and he could not even shoot Dale as he laid there suffering from being attacked.