Now that I put down my personal thoughts on Silent Hill Downpour, I am going to write about the characters and events that happen in Downpour. Your main character is Murphy Pendleton, a convicted who has lost his 6 year old son. Murphy is being transported to another prison in the opening scene when the bus he is being transferred in veer’s over the road and crashes in a lake.

Murphy Pendleton’s son, Charlie Pendletion, was murdered by his neighbor Patrick Napier. Murphy gets himself arrested buy stealing a car and resisting arrest. He does this because Patrick Napier was convicted of sexually assaulting and murder of another eight year old boy. Murphy’s plan is to get inside so he can kill Patrick Napier. Murphy plans all this out with the help a prison officer named George Sewell. Sewell tells Murphy that he will get him access to Napier, but he would owe him a favor that he would name later. Murphy blinded by the hate and pain of his sons death agrees. Sewell sets up Murphy with time alone in the shower with Napier and Murphy kills him. They then show you getting transferred and the games starts.

Now Murphy is a tall man with a scare on his face. You can tell he is torn with his past and misses his son. He is put on the bus by Anne Cunningham, a officer who works at the prison Murphy was getting transferred to. Anne seems to have a problem with Murphy as she takes the time to single out Murphy as he was getting onto the bus. As there driving, they pass the Welcome To Silent Hill sign. The bus driver gets distracted and when he looks back at the road, he sees the road become a drop off so he swerves off to the left and the bus crashes. Murphy wakes up and it looks like everyone is dead. He takes off looking for away out of the crash site. He comes to a small ledge that he scales across. When he gets pass the ledge he starts trying to clime up a cliff to get away when officer Anne tells him to get down well pointing a gun at him. Murphy then tells her he was trying to get help as she tries to get across the ledge herself. Cunningham falls and you are given a choice to save her or let her fall. I choice to save her which did not do much good cause she still falls. Murphy then escapes and finds himself at Devil’s Pit.

When you first get to Devil’s Pit you find a tram that will take you on the other side of Silent Hill. The ticket machine is gone so Murphy has to go and find it. That leads Murphy to a dinner were he meets a postman named Howard Blackwood. After a quick conversion, Murphy heads into a diner. After looking around Murphy is quickly sent to other world. As Murphy is looking around and solving a few puzzles, he starts getting chased by what is called The Void. Murphy has to out run The Void or Murphy will be disintegrated. After out running The Void and returning back from other world, Murphy gets a change of cloths and the ticket he needs to get to other side of Silent Hill. As he heada back to the tram, Murphy is attacked by monsters called screamers. Once he gets back to the tram, Murphy uses the ticket and rides the tram.

Once landed he talks to a man by the name of JP, a former tour guild of Devil’s Pit. Murphy and JP talk for a while and JP tells Murphy of a train that will take him to the main town. After going underground for a while and fighting some monsters Murphy comes across JP again. JP is standing over a rail getting ready to jump into the huge pit. Murphy then finds out that he killed eight kids well being drunk on the job on the train ride. He then jumps to his death.

Once Murphy gets to the train he starts it up and head out. As Murphy is flying down the track, he sees a ton of Weeping Bats, another enemy you face through out the game, walking all over the walls and ceiling. After a couple of horrifying visions, you pass out and awaken near the exit. As your trying to leave, you run into a messed up Anne. Murphy is shocked to she her alive. Anne once again points the gun at Murphy and tell him to put his hands up. She ends up breaking down and tells you to leave. Murphy looks back at her and then take off.

Now in Silent Hill’s main streets, Murphy wonders around fighting enemy’s. Going in and out of different building he runs into radios. Some are on and other he needs to turn on. When on a DJ comes on by the name of DJ Bobby Ricks. Ricks keeps saying that someone is out there dedicating song to a Murphy Pendleton. Murphy then decides to head out and find Ricks. He runs into Howard again and he tells Murphy that the radio station could be found in the Centennial Building. Howard walks off once again into the fog and Murphy heads out to find Ricks.

Once Murphy finds the Centennial Building, he had to do a bunch of puzzles and find clues to reach the Station. The Station is at the very top of the building. Once Murphy gets to the top he finds Ricks. Ricks tries to stay clam and but then starts talking Murphy in a low tone so that no one could hear him but Murphy even though there is nobody else in the room. Ricks tells Murphy now that he is here, he has a boat and they can try to escape. The only problem is that Ricks says that the keys were stolen. Murphy then says he can hot wire it. Ricks quickly responds by saying that they can’t do that cause there are “rules” they have to obey. Anne walks in gun out trying to arrest you again. Having the rules broken by Ricks telling him about the boat and talking under his breath, a hoard of screamers bust through the glass and attacks Ricks and Anne.

After that cut scene Murphy is left alone in the studio. He ends up having to run away from The Void again in a prison like other world. Once he flees The Void, he falls from a clock and wakes up back in Silent Hill on a bus stop bench. Howard is there when Murphy wakes up and gives him a letter. Howard says its from St. Maria’s Hospital stating Murphy’s presents was needed. Murphy heads out to the hospital to see why they want to see him.

When he gets to the St. Mara’s, he knocks on the door and a nun answers the door. She tells him that Murphy was the only family they could find. She then tells Murphy to take a look around and to come she her afterwords in the morgue. As Murphy is trying to find his way to the morgue, he comes across a young boy behind a lock door. The boy refuses to open the door unless Murphy can prove that he is not the Bogeyman. The boy tell him that there is a poem you can resit to keep the Bogeyman way. Murphy set off to find out what that poem is so the boy will unlock the door. After you find the poem and have a flash back of seeing Murphy watch them bring Charlie out of the lake in a plastic bag, he heads back to were the boy is. As you are talking to the boy, the Bogeyman starts walking up behind the boy. Murphy starts scream for the boy to get out of there and tries to resit the poem. He forgets and you watch the shadows of the boy and the Bogeyman. The Bogeyman is coking the boy until he snaps his neck. The Bogeyman looks at Murphy puts his finger to his mouth and says “Shh”. The walks off.

Murphy now runs to the boy who he see is his son Charlie. As Murphy is crying over his sons body, a little girl comes out and thinks Murphy killed the boy. She runs off in the same direction as the Bogeyman. Murphy runs after her in fear that she will be kill by the Bogeyman too. As Murphy chase after her, other world appears. Once again Murphy is being hunted down by The Void. Even the Bogeyman makes a appearance before Murphy is brought back to St. Maria’s. Now in the morgue, the nun tells Murphy that he can sign for the body and then take him home. The nun pulls back the sheet over the body and it’s the Bogeyman. Murphy yells this ain’t my son that a murder. The nun say yes that runs in the family. Murphy then notices the DJ’s boat keys. Murphy reaches for them and the Bogeyman grabs his arm. Murphy is now teleported to where they found Charlie’s body. After a battle with the Bogeyman, Murphy is brought back to the hospital. The Bogeyman’s mask is off and the face keeps flashing back and froth between Murphy and Napier. He grabs the boat keys and heads to the docks.


Once in the boat, Murphy is hauling butt out of Silent Hill. Only to have his old friend Anne appear out of no where with her gun draw and, yes you guessed it, trying to arrest Murphy again. She tells Murphy to turn the boat around. Murphy yells back about how he can’t believe she would want to go back and they had a way out. Anne tells him how the town of Silent Hill some how knows her and they have unfinished business back in town. Murphy refuses and says she will have to shoot him cause he would not go back. Anne does just that, and shoots him in the back of the head.

Murphy now having a flash back about Sewell. Sewell is reminding Murphy that he still owes him a favor and that he needed him to “take care” of someone for him. He tells Murphy that the unnamed person “derives it”, and when a riot breaks out to head out to the shower room and kill the unnamed person.

Murphy then wakes up in the Overlook Penitentiary. He finds a note that tells him to meet someone in the shower room. After exploring the prison and fighting new enemies called Prison Minions and Juggernauts, Murphy finds the shower room. In the shower room you find a body. Other world now appears and so does The Void.

Once Murphy gets away from The Void, he sees the final boss, The Wheelman. Now The Wheelman appears though out the game stacking Murphy. He is now in a giant form and hooked up to four life support units. Murphy has to disable all four to kill The Wheelman.

Now that The Wheelman is dead, Murphy is sent back to the shower room and out of other world.  Another flash back happens and Murphy is back in the shower room with the person he is suppose to kill for Sewell. Murphy finds out the unnamed person is prison guard Frank Coleridge. Frank has always been a good guy towards Murphy and does not find Murphy as a threat. Sewell comes in and tell Frank how Murphy is going to kill him. Murphy refuses and Sewell attacks both Murphy and Frank. Franks tells Murphy to run and Sewell kills him. Sewell then calls for back up and tells the other guards that Murphy killed Frank.


When that flash back ends Murphy finds Anne is back pointing her gun and saying “how could you kill him and that he was a good man”. Murphy fires back with that is a monster and he tried to kill me. Murphy then looks down and sees that The Wheelman turned into Frank. Anne then reviles that Frank is her father and that he treated everyone with respect. Then saying Frank is the reason she became a prison guard. Anne believing that Murphy killed her father start telling Murphy that she put in the transfer so she could be closer to him so she could take her own revenge on Murphy. Saying her dad did not believe in revenge but she did. She shoots Murphy who now is turning into the Bogeyman. Murphy as the Bogeyman now is chasing down Anne until you catch her. Murphy then has the choice to save or kill her. Depending on you choices thought out the game, it depends on what ending you will get. There are six possible ending to the game.


If you like horror survival games and like having a good scare, I would suggest you pick up Silent Hill Downpour. And make sure you play it in the dark with the sound up nice and loud, unless you can’t handle that!!!!!!!