I know what you’re thinking, Mass Effect 3 multiplayer?  You’ve probably heard it’s not that in depth, it doesn’t have much content, or maybe even if doesn’t work very well, and while I won’t argue with the points each of these make, I’m loving it, and I think anyone who bought this game would love it too


Often times, I’m jealous of those who love Gears of War because they have such a rich and in-depth mutliplayer experience built right into their favorite series and I’ve never had that.  The closest I’ve come is Halo: Reach, but even then I didn’t care too much about the game other than being fun to pick up from time to time.  This is why I am so excited that the Mass Effect 3 online mode is decent.


Yeah, I said decent, it’s no Gears of War, but it’s good.  To break it down, you make a pretty generic character, starting with only being able to pick from humans, change their basic outfit, and basic colors, name it and get going.  Now, at level 1 you have no powers, very low life/shields, and basically no chance in surviving more than a round or two at a time.


The matches themselves are structured as 4 players vs. waves of enemies.  Every few waves, there is a special objective that needs to be done, like destroy bombs, deactivate communication blocking devices, or kill special targets, which are timed waves.  I’ve only played bronze level, which has 10 waves and then an evacuation wave, which is survive the time.  It’s not easy!


The first match I was in, despite dying and being revived about 10 times, we got to round 9 and then died.  To my surprise, this wasn’t actually bad for the team of everyone under level 10!  I gained 4 levels and enough money to buy a low level item pack.


Now the item pretty interesting because they can include 1 time items like missles and medi-gel, or 1 game items like upgraded weapon damage or shield strength.  But more importantly, this is how you can upgrade your weapons and unlock new races to play.  There are 3 grades of equipment lockers, costing 5000 credits, 20,000 credits, and 60,000 credits.  5000 is easy to get, I’ve probably bought that one 4 or 5 times already, which I recommend everyone does at first.


Now, the powers work similarly as they do in the single player game, but seem a little limited.  Now, I have not gone through the promotion process (I believe this happens at level 20), so I can’t say after that, but right now I can pick from my class spec, 3 power specs, and a melee spec.  While this may sound like a lot, it really isn’t and already by level 9 I have almost filled 2 of the 5 with little desire to fill them all, so I’m hoping promotion will unlock new powers.


As I said, I’m level 9 now and still have only won 1 Bronze level match.  Some matches don’t get past wave 5 or 6, with the majority getting to wave 9 or 10, which are programmed to be the hardest rounds.


With all that said, I have to point out it’s not the best multiplayer by a long shot.  It only has 5 (or 6) maps with the same amount of different enemy times, which makes sense for the game but not a long lasting appeal.  I’m hoping DLC comes with more maps, more characters, more enemies, and different modes.  I will say that as a first effort to put something into the series, they did a great job!  I’m just wondering if they almost expected it to be something that didn’t last.


There is just something about taking on the hordes of the universe with a group of 4 that really gets me going.  I wish more friends of mine had the game because I think it’d be a great time waster!