So with all the games out there, comes a lot of different mulitplayer online games. Who has the best? There’s a lot to choose from, but I am going to just stick to talking about Call Of Duty, Halo, and Gears Of War. I have played more mulitplayer games  then these three, but they are the main ones I play. I have played some Assassin Creed, Army Of  Two, Resistance, Left 4 Dead, Mortal Kombat, BioShock 2, Dead Space 2, Madden, and Grand Thief Auto 4. I am sure I have tried other games also, but those are the ones off the top of my head. Now Madden is Madden, and same goes for Mortal Kombat. You are just playing someone else in football. And as for Mortal Kombat, or say a Street Fighter game, you are going online to fight other player. So there just your basic online multiplayers. So you got your two types of multiplayers in my option, run and gun and duck and cover. Your Call of Duty’s and Halo’s are more of your run and guns and Gears Of War is your duck and cover.Most of your rung and gun games are first person shooters. With your run and guns you don’t need a lot of strategy. I mean you can use some strategy, but its not like you can really take cover in first person shooters. You and your team just run out and try to shot the other team before you get shot yourself. Now I am not saying you don’t need skill to play a run and gun, not at all. In Call Of Duty if you get a certain amount of kills you can get upgrades to help you will the game. The higher the kill streak is, the better the upgrade is. Now if you can get the upgrade you can do some damage to the other team. The highest kill streak I personally have gotten is seven. And that does not happen often. I don’t really play a lot of Call Of Duty. Even though lately all my friends want to play online is Call Of Duty. I have been getting better and better at playing Call Of Duty, but I still need a lot of improvement. The one other thing about Call Of Duty is how everyone trips out about there kill/death ratio. Halo on the other hand, which as I said before is also a run and gun, I am really good at. Not saying the best, but way better in Halo then Call Of  Duty. I did not really like the multiplayer for Halo 3. For whatever the reason, it just really didn’t catch me. Halo: Reach on the other hand I find to be really fun. When Halo: Reach came out I thought the online play would be just like Halo 3. I think what made the difference in the two games is the maps. Reach has a lot better maps in my option. Also the game just seems to run smoother. I really enjoy playing this game with friends and by myself. With Call Of Duty, I will only really play with friends. Now Gears Of War is my favorite online multiplayer. I love the fact that you can duck and cover and shot around corners. You can have more of a strategy and work more as a team that way. Gears has really evolved over the years from Gears 1 to Gears 3. The up the speed of the game a little. Also they made it to were your character would slow down if getting shot at. This is one thing I did not like. Another thing they changed that I really did not like is that you can no longer change what weapons where on the map. But even with all the stuff I don’t like about Gears online, I still would rather play Gears then Call Of Duty or Halo. You have more of a connection with the characters in Gears Of War. In my option the weapons are better and you have more of a chance when getting shot at to get into cover. Now I know a lot of Call Of Duty fans are going to say, Call Of Duty is more realistic with its weapons and what not. And if you get shot that you die unlike Gears where you can get downed and revived by your teammates. Well if this was real life there would be a lot of thing that would be different. For example, you should be able to take cover and shot around corner, but in Call Of Duty you can’t. I don’t play multiplayer’s to feel like I am in a real life fight. If that is what I want I will join the Military. I go online for fun and to joke around with my friends. Like I was saying, the weapons and being able to duck and cover makes Gears Of War the online game for me. Your more of a team then when you play team death matches in Halo or Call Of Duty cause even thought the your a team, its pretty much just run out there get kills and look out for yourself. Were in Gears like I said before, if your downed by the other team, you can be revived and you can continue to fight. I like how the grenades work and how you can plant them as mines. I know there are more multiplayers out there, but I do believe Halo, Call Of Duty, and Gears Of War are the big three. Everyone has there preferences for online multiplayer. Mine is Gears Of War, what is yours?