I wrote a story about PETA back in November about how PETA was attacking Mario from Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers franchise for his tanookie raccoon suit. To recap a little, PETA made a game on there site about Mario flying around with a bloody tanookie raccoon skin suit dripping blood. Mean wail the bloody skinless tanookie raccoon ran after him trying to get his skin back. When the bloody skinless tanookie raccoon catches Mario they show the tanookie raccoon fighting Mario in a big cloud of smoke and it ends with the tanookie raccoon saying,”FUCK YOU MARIO, THIS IS A ANIMALS SKIN.” If you know anything about the Mario Brothers franchise, you know that they don’t have Mario skinning animals. And he uses a power leaf to get his flying tanookie suit.  Now if you want more info please go back and read my previous post. Now when I heard about this story and wrote my blog post, I ask my good friend Corey Bass, who is a excellent drawer and comic book writer, to come up with some artwork for me. I gave him my basic idea of what I wanted, and he drew it up for me. I could not be happier with what he came up with. This is not the first time Corey has drawn something up for my video game podcast I do or just for me. He is a very talented artist and I can’t wait to see more of his work. So thank you Corey for the time you put into this project you did for me and keep at it. You can see more of Corey’s awesome artwork at  www.c-tristan.deviantart.com or you can e-mail him at coreybass66@gmail.com