Ok, so Super Metroid came out for the Super Nintendo back in the 90’s. This was and still is one of my favorite video games ever. In fact, to this day I will go back and still play it. I believe that this game was a little ahead of its time. It was not just another side croller. The graphics were great, for what graphics were back in the day. I beat the hell of that game. The funny thing is, I can’t always remember stuff I learned in school, but I can remember what I need to do and were to go in Super Metroid. It is still funny to me that there are some great games out there and they have some great story’s and graphics. And at the end of the day, I would still rather play Super Metroid. The story is good, and the boss battles are fun and challenging. The music is good and keep you in the game. One of my favorite power ups is when u get the super speed. When you take off and you can slowly hear the suit powering up as you go faster and building up speed is great. And then when you have the power all the way up, you can use that power to shot straight up or across the screen to power through a wall or if you need to get a extra boost to get up to a high ledge or heath tank. This will always be one game that I know I can always go back to and play thought and never get tried of it. Let me know what your favorite game that you can always go back and play and won’t get tried of.