In writing a review on the new RPG video game Young Justice: Legacy that comes out in 2013, it really got me thinking about my favorite episode of the cartoon, Failsafe. This episode might be one of my favorite cartoon episodes ever. The writers really need credit for this one. I watched Failsafe over and over because it was not only a great episode, but it was a trip. At the end you were like,”Wait, WHAT?!” You connect with the characters.


   So the show starts up with the Young Justice team along side Red Tornado in Mount Justice watching a unknown alien ship heading towards Earth. The ship is met by Superman, Green Lantern, Caption Atom, Martian Manhunter, Caption Marvel, and Batman. Green Lantern tells the alien ship to identify themselves and there business. Next thing you see is a big bright light come out of the ship vaporizing Green Lantern. The rest of the team go into attack mode, all for not as they too get vaporized. Knowing that the team needs him, Red Tornado tells the Young Justice team to stay put for now, and takes off to help the rest of the League.


   One by one every team member of the Justice League gets  vaporized by the alien invaders. Red Tornado quickly becomes the last team member fighting off a horde of ships. As he to get vaporized, Aqualad turns to his team and tell them how they are the last line of defense. They quickly start to try and figure out what they need to do after watching there mentors being knocked off one by one with easy. Robin finds a way to track them and sees there is one ship by there self flying by Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and decide it would be best to take on the lone ship rather then a bunch at once.


   The team gets ready and heads out to the Fortress in hopes to find to take out the one ship and see how there shields and weapons work. With there complained might they bring down the one ship. While down, the ship shot its vaporizing ray at Superboy. His pet Wolf knocked him out of the way and was vaporized. Miss Martian starts getting her ship to connect with her ship so that they can use it as a weapon. Out of no where, two other ships come on the seen. As the team waits for Miss Martian’s to take control of the alien ship, they try to avoid getting vaporized. As the retreat to the ship Artemis gets caught by a beam is and is vaporized. Miss Martian starts crying and Kid Flash vows revenge. Now with full control of the alien ship, they use its beam to take out the two other ship and head to Washington DC.


   In DC a bunch of soldiers are trying to fight off a bunch of alien ships. Right when it looks like they will fall the same fate as the Justice League, the Young Justice team shows up and takes out the invaders. Aqualad and the army start talking bout what they should do next. They all retreat to the Hall of Justice. When they enter the Hall of Justice, Miss Martian starts to freak out and starts digging in the rubble. And bared there was the Martian Manhunter. Manhunter can’t remember how he got there, and all he could remember was being vaporized. Robin now thinks that everyone was alive and that the beams did not vaporize people, but teleport them. This gives hope to the team, Kid Flash the most as he wanted to see Artemis. The aliens start to attack the Hall and they start teleporting to Mount Justice one bye one. Here is where Aqualad get hit by the beam as he sacrifices himself to allow the rest of his team to escape.


   Now trying to regroup again after losing another member, they televise a statement to the world. Robin tells everyone not to give up hope, and that there are still hero’s fighting to protect them.  Robin now taking the lead of the team, rally’s everyone and other teen hero’s that were still alive to go on a rescue mission to the mother-ship. He tell Superboy to distract the mother-ship long enough so the rest of the team can enter the ship. This upsets Miss Martian. She tells Robin that plan is reckless and is going to get Superboy killed and that Aqualad would never do something like that. Robin fires back with that is why Aqualad is gone and that Superboy is the strongest and will pose the biggest treat. Superboy tells her he will be alright and he wants to do this. Kid Flash tells her not to worry cause if he is hit by the beam, they will just free him inside the ship. Superboy starts his attack, Miss Martian tell him she loves him telepathy and the team enters the ship. Shortly after Superboy is hit by a beam and is gone.


   Well in the ship Robin starts scanning for the best way to take out the mother-ship after they rescue everyone. They find the core of the ship and start planting bombs. Robin then tells Kid Flash, Miss Martian, and Manhunter that he has been scanning for the rest of team and the Justice League the whole time they were in the ship and he could not find them. He informs them that everyone that got hit by the alien beam was dead. Robin and Kid Flash then covered Miss Martian and Manhunter as they phase out of the ship. The mother-ship blows up and another one shows up. Miss Martian drops to her knees and says how all that was for nothing. As she gets back up with the help of Manhunter, Manhunter tells her now I know what I must do, and kills Miss Martian.


   Miss martian then shots up yelling from a table inside of Mount Justice. She looks around and sees everyone is alive including the Justice League. Batman informs everyone that they had been in a training exercise. Manhunter used his powers to put them in a coma like state to do the exercise. Batman tells them how it was a exercise that had no way they could win. No matter how good they did, something else would show up to make them fail. He then told them that they know about it, and if anything happened to them in the exercise that they would just wake up fine by in Mount Justice. But when Artemis had been killed, Miss Martian’s emotions got the best of her and her powers over powered Manhunters making the team forget that it was just a exercise. So when they died they thought they really died and were not waking up.  And with every death the more and more Miss Martian’s powers got stronger. That is why when Manhunter entered in the exercise to try and tell them that its not real, he could not remember anything. With each death of the team, Manhunter started to regain his thoughts, and when it just came down to himself and Miss Martian he remembered what he was there for. And by killing Miss Martian in the exercise, it released everyone else.


   I have never seen anything like this in a DC show or Comic before. The way they got ride of the whole Justice League so fast. And then the mind trip that the Young Justice team got. At the end of the show they show the team tripped out and scared. I was even left tripped out after watching this episode. Great writing for this show. I can’t wait for the second season to start up soon.