So today I was watching a old episode of the hit 90’s cartoon Doug. Doug was a cartoon that ran on Nickelodeon from 1991-1994 and Disney from 1996-1999. Doug was about a kid who lived in a town called  Bluffington who has a wild imagination and writes about his day every night in his journal. Doug goes to Bluffington High and lives at home with his mom and dad and his sister Judy, who is into drama and plays. He also lives with his trustful dog Porkchop.His best friend is Skeeter who is very trust worthy and also was his first friend when he moved to Bluffington. The love interest of Doug is Patti Mayonnaise. And he was always bullied by Rodger Klotz, who was also oddly a friend too.

Doug as I mentioned, has a wild imagination. Every time Doug would get into a tight spot, he would going into different scenarios on how things could go. He also had a bunch of personas. There is Smash Adams, a James Bond like spy that is very suave and is quite the ladies man. Race Canyon, a adventuring archaeologist. And my favorite of all of Doug’s personas, Quailman, a superhero that has the powers of quail. The powers of  Quailman are patience, intelligence, speed, and his most powerful move, the Quail-Eye. Quailman’s costume was a pair of underwear over his shorts with a sweater vest with a Q in the middle, red cape and a belt on his head with the front of the belt flopped over like a quail’s feather.

So the episode I was watching today was about Doug going into a store and becoming the 10,000th customer. Because he was the 10,000th customer he won the newest video game system. Now this made me laugh cause the name of the system was the Super Pretendo. You have to remember at the time Doug was on the air, one of the newest systems was the Super Nintendo. I thought it was pretty funny cause you can really see the similarity in the name. So Doug, Skeeter, and Porkchop where play a new space game taking turns  and trying there hardest to get better so they would be able to beat the game and get the highest score.

This made me laugh and reminiscence a little because I use to do the same thing with my cousin. My cousin and I use to get new games and play to get as far as we could get. When one of us would lose we would pass the controller to each other until we could beat that level. Also when they were jumping up and down and moving the controller as they were trying to make the character on the screen move faster or turn more sharp. This too made me laugh as well because we did the same thing. In fact I still do to this day. It’s funny how you can relate to some thing like a cartoon. It’s also funny how watching something in 2012, could bring you back to a time when you were young and made you remember them good old times back in the early 90’s.