So I was just looking at all the games I bought and played during 2011. I have a really long list that does not include DLC. Well lets get my MMO’s out of the way. Well I am not a MMO guy, but you could not tell that this year. I played three MMO’s this year. It started with DC Universe Online. I stopped playing this earlier in the year but returned when it went free to play. This game got me into the MMO world cause, well its about superhero’s. Now I am a Marvel guy, but still love some DC. And who does not love Batman and The Flash? I still will go back every once in a wail to play a little here and there. My next MMO was Rift. I saw some videos online and thought I would try it out. Played with some friends for a wail and they where into it a lot more then me and passed me up in level. It was pretty fun but I started to lose interest and did not want to pay for something I was not that into anymore. Even if Rift goes free to play, I really don’t see myself going back to it. Now comes the the MMO that really got me hooked, Star Wars:The Old Republic. I am loving this game. I love Star Wars, so it comes natural that I would be into a game that is open world and lets you be a Jedi. Now back to counsel games. I am going to list a bunch of games that I played and liked, was disappointed in, and loved with a little about the games. First my list of games that I played and liked. And the list goes, Marvel vs Capcom 3:Fate Of Two Worlds, Homefront, Duke Nukem Forever, F.E.A.R.3, Madden 12, Mortal Kombat:Arcade Kollections, Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3, Dead Rising 2:Off The Record, and Resident Evil 4. Now Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat:Arcade Kollections were both great fighting games. MvsC3 brought a bunch of great new characters to the table, and MK:Arcade Kollections was fun cause you got to play the original first three MK games. Homefront was a game that mad you think. And I still say has one of the best openings to a game that really makes you trip out a little. Call of Duty:MW3, well its Call of Duty, so you know your in for a good game and, maybe not always for me, a lot of online game play. Duke Nukem Forever was like a little blast from the past and had me cracking up through out the game. Dead Rising 2:Off The Record is pretty much like Dead Rising 2, but still fun to see the game through Frank West’s eyes. Resident Evil 4 HD and F.E.A.R. 3 are both great scary games. RE4 came out for the Game Cube back in 2005 but was re-released this year with updated graphics. F.E.A.R. 3, well is just another great game in the series that if fun and will make you jump. Madden 12, well Madden is Madden and I love football!!!! So now here are some games that I was disappointed in. And that list goes, Bulletstorm, Brink, L.A. Noire, WWE 12, and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. Now Bulletstorm I think could have been a really good game, but was really short and just lacked something. It would have been better with some co-op and the online play was just not fun to me. Brink I was told about and when I started playing it, I was not happy with the game play and how it was set up. L.A. Noire and WWE 12 was just not how I thought they were going to be. AC:Revelations I am still playing but I am not loving it like I did the other three games. I will finish it and I really hope that as I keep on playing that my thoughts on the game will change. Ok so now for games that I loved. And we have, Dead Space 2, Dragon Age 2, Mortal Kombat, Dead Island, Gears Of War 3, Spider-Man:Edge Of Time, Batman:Arkham City, and Uncharted 3:Drake’s Deception. So Dead Island was a game I was not that into at first, but the more I played, more I got into it. Mortal Kombat is a game that has always been my favorite fighting games, and putting Freddy Krueger in the game was awesome. Dragon Age 2 and Spider-Man:Edge Of Time are both great games. DA2 was a great squeal. Spider-Man:EOT was fun and really interesting how they switched back and forth from both Spider-Mans. Batman:Arkham City started off kinda slow for me, but then took off. I really like how they made the Penguin look and how they made the henchman for each villain look. Dead Space 2 is just like the first game will scare the crap out of you. And some of the things you have to do through out the game will creep you out. Starting the game in a straight jacket well trying to run away from the Necromorphs was just brilliant. Uncharted 3 in my opinion should have been game of the year. From start to finish you got action and challenges. Great story with some twist. That brings me to my favorite game of them all, Gears Of War 3. The Gears Of War series is just awesome. And in my opinion the best online play out there right now. Gears Of War 3 gives you action around all corners. It also makes you really feel how the people of Sera feel with there world falling at there feet between the Locust, the Lambent, and what they have done to there own world. And to me had one of the most heart felt scene in a long time. Well there are my games of 2011. I am looking forward to a new year a gaming, see you online.