So let me start off by saying that I don’t believe in hurting animals or killing them for there fur or tusk or what have you. I have two dogs and a cat. I don’t mind groups like PETA who want to help animals and make sure they are not miss treated.

But you got to be kidding me PETA for the fact that you are going after Mario from the Mario Brother games. PETA is going crazy over the Mario Tanooki suit that he wears in the new Mario Bros. game for the 3DS. For anyone who, and I don’t know how you can’t know, don’t know what that is, its a suit that make Mario look like a raccoon and helps him fly and he can take out enemies with his tail. Also for anyone who don’t know, a tanooki raccoon is a dog like raccoon that lives in Japan, and they are killed for there fur. And PETA is trying to say, that if Mario is wearing a Tanookie suit that he is supporter of wearing fur and the skinning of the tanooki raccoon. Now having said that you must be thinking,”Does Mario beat down the tanooki raccoon with a monkey wrench and then bust out a hunters knife and skin the thing alive to throw over his body wail it is dripping in blood and as the tanooki raccoon is twitching on the ground in pain?” Well no not at all, even though that is what PETA would like you to believe. Mario uses a leaf, yes folks I said a leaf, that lets him use the suit. And folks, no blood, guts, or bones are seen. There is no skinning of a animal of any kind. But if you went to PETA’s website, you might get a different vision of what happens. They have a game that they made up wear you play a skinned tanooki raccoon chasing a flying Mario wearing his skin. Now wail Mario is flying with this skin he is dripping blood. The tanooki raccoon is just meat and some bone dripping blood as he chase after Mario through a world that looks like a Mario Brothers game but yet a lot darker. When the tanooki raccoon catches Mario he beats the crap out of him and puts his skin back on and say,”FUCK YOU MARIO!!!! THIS IS A ANIMAL’S SKIN!!!” Classy there PETA, you are making a character that is loved by all ages and is promoted to kids, and is one of the most kid and family friendly game characters look like he is Buffalo Bill from Silents Of The Lambs. Mario is not dancing around in the nude with his wiener tucked singing a song wail a tanooki raccoon is putting lotion on in a hole cause he does not want to get the hose again!!! Oh and where were you guys when he wore that suit in the game Super Mario Brothers 3? That game had been out since 1988. He is wearing the tanooki raccoon ears and tail on the cover. The Mario Brother games have been jumping on turtles, birds, moles, and other animals for over 20 years!!! Now all of a sudden you got a problem? Or is it cause Mario has a new game coming out, and you figured that you could get your name out there by crying about something that is nothing. I really don’t see any little kid playing that game and saying,”Hmm, I want to wear fur all the time now!!!!” Dummy up PETA and focus on something that is important.