So I have been playing a lot of horde mode lately. Been trying to upgrade all of the fortifications. I have already upgraded the barriers and almost done with the decoy and automatic turrets. It’s been fun playing the new horde mode with the fortifications you can make because it gives you more of a reason to play horde mode other then just killing waves and waves of Locust. I really like that new update for the decoys. After you upgrade the decoy all the way, the decoy becomes a Onyx bot. A Onyx bot is pretty mess a copy of the Onyx Guard that will run around with a shotgun and help you fight. So were you only can have five people max in horde mode to fight, you now get a extra body to fight along side with you and will take bullets for you. Another cool thing about the Onyx bot is that instead of the bot just dying off when he takes damage, he will get down like the other players and can be revived back up to continue fighting. I still don’t like how you have to buy ammo form the ammo boxes. I understand how you have to buy all the fortification upgrades and repairs, but I think the ammo boxes should be free. But it is what it is and overall its still really fun. I would have to say that I do like this horde mode better then the one in Gears Of War 2. So I would suggest checking it out.