So I final beat Dead Island. I got it when it first came out on September 6 and only played it once. I did not realize when I got the game that it was a RPG. I thought it was just like another shooter game that happen to be about zombies. So I was a little shocked when I popped it in and yup, RPG.  

So like I was saying, I was started the game and played for a couple of hours and turned it off. My wife then took it from my 360 and started playing it on her system. So fast forward two months and I finally start playing it again. So there are five different place of the island, the resort, city, jungle, laboratory, and the prison. I would have to say that the city when it starts to rain and get dark, it is the creepiest of all the locations. There are also different kinds of zombies. You have your basic zombie called Walkers. They are slow, but can still move with some quickness if they need too, they are pretty beat up looking, with bite marks or bones showing etc. Infected are zombies that have just turned. They are really fast and let out a blood curling scream and can cause a lot of damage when they swing wildly at you. You have your thug, which is a zombie on steroids. Thugs are big and can take a lot of damage. And when they hit you, you will be going for a ride, they knock you pretty far back. Suiciders are zombies that are so infected by the virus that they are all bubbled up. They move slow and can talk, and they bag you for death. You want to stay away from them cause they will blow up and kill you no matter how much heath you have. The Ram is a hug zombie in a straight jacket and a mouth guard, so he can not claw or bite you, but he will kick you. He also charges at you and will do a lot of damage. Floaters are big fat water like zombies that will spit out acid. The last zombie is called the Butcher. The Butcher is zombie that is missing his hands and a lot of skin. His forearms bones are out and he uses them to stab at you. Now the final enemy is, of course humans. This game is very fun. But it does have problems. There are a lot of glitches even with the updates. This game could be way better with all the glitches fixed. But I had fun playing this game and I am playing to run through it again on co-op mode. I did all the side quest. At the end of the game I logged 33hours 11minutes 26seconds and I covered 100% of the island. I would say, if you are looking for a pretty good RPG and like zombie games, then I would say pick up Dead Island.