So I been playing Dead Island and I am almost done with it. I will have a full report on it later. I just wanted to talk about the latest update they just had for the game. There were some good and bad things with this update.

So the only really good thing with the update is that when you drink your energy drinks or food for your heath, your heath does go up more then before. When you drank the energy drink before the update it would give you some heath, but did not seem like a lot. Now with the new update you get more heath and if feels like it fills up your heath bar with the right amount. Ok and now for the bad. Well you get winded to fast when you are fighting. Also before you could kick the zombies way from you when you were switching weapons or just to get the zombies off of you with out taking anything away from your breath. So were as before if you were low on breath you could kick zombies away so you don’t get over run, not that also lowers your breath. Jumping also lowers it too. Now I have adjusted to the new style of play, but I thought the way it was before was much better. The weapons also seem to get weaker faster. This game has had a lot of glitches and problems, but is a really fun game that has sucked me in. I will have a full report when I finish it.