So yesterday CyanogenMod released their alpha version of CM7 for the HP Touchpad, bringing a solid Android port to the touchpad.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to jump right in and install it, as they’re saying it’s still unstable, but after looking at many many videos, I went ahead and took the plunge today.  All I can say is I don’t regret it!

The installation (after getting the WebOS stuff installed on my PC, which was a pain) was painless.  Although I plan to post another post that is more in depth about the install process, it basically goes like this: Install the WebOS stuff on PC, drop a few files onto the Touchpad via Mass Storage, restart the TouchPad in USB mode, run a command on the computer, wait while it installs.  Then I noticed that it’s pretty unstable until you restart into WebOS once, turn the device off, then turn it back on.  But that’s it!  Rooting my phone took more work!

If you know Android, you probably know what the potential of this type of device has.  It is fast.  I don’t mean oh hey it’s a mobile device fast, I mean it’s high end PC fast.  It’s running at 1.0 dual core, but can be OCed to much higher (I haven’t tried yet).  Even as an Alpha build, it works great.  I’ve had a few force closes and 1 total system crash, but like I said, it’s an Alpha!

Anyone who is interested that knows something about Android should go ahead and do it.  If you’re not technologically efficient, then you might want to wait a bit as they’re talking about an automated way to do it coming in the future, not to mention the fact that it still has a lot of bugs.

I’m just happy, the thing not only runs beautiful but looks beautiful.  Now I just need to buy a case….