*This is the future home of the Knights of the Video Game Table Podcast!*

This website is not live yet, but feel free to explore and use any and all of its current features.  Consider what you’re seeing a Beta with the final release only a few days away.  If you’re interested in what has been done, you can check out the Updates page.

What needs to be done for official release:

  • About page needs formatting
  • RSS page
  • Hosts page needs editing/adding
  • Community page needs content
  • Our Family page needs developing
Future plans
  • New Page Icon
  • Banner update with Franks right Avatar
  • Family sidebar icons added
  • Forums
  • Tag backlog
  • Import old podcasts from old server
Thank you for your support in this time of transition.  As always, you can use our old website at any time until the official release and that can be found Here.

*Please note, until this sticky is deleted, we will be considered in Beta*