Ok, so I’m pretty excited!  I am one day away from being done with the initial editing of this page!  It will be considered version 2.0.  You can always see any updates I make in the Updates page.  Since I am so close to finishing, I won’t bother with what needs to be done, but here is a list of upcoming additions to the site.  If you’d like to see anything else, have any advice on the webpage, feel free to contact me or just leave a comment on this post.

Future Updates

  • Update page icon with Franks right Avatar
  • Banner update with Franks right Avatar
  • Family sidebar icons added
  • Forums
  • Tag backlog
  • Import old podcasts from old server
  • Import Tech, books, and movies posts from old site
  • Import video and image posts from old site
  • Merge Sages of 16-Bit and Resonance with this site
  • Post backlog of Vs. matches
  • Individual host pages
  • Addition of guest host profiles

The important thing in that list are updated icon/banner/family sidebar and will be the first update.  After that, I don’t really have any timeline for these other additions, some may never get done (like tagging the backlog, that’d take hours, if not days of work).  Forums will come when we get more traffic.

Don’t bother using the old site (although you can find it Here).  With episode 60, I will have stopped updating it.  I will most likely keep it archived on the server, at least for a time, but it won’t have updates and when I change the theme on that page it may mess up links and images.